i figured out why i've been failing. I'm terrible at any method involving direct approachez. I run zubtle game without even realizing it. I waz at my uzual friday hangout. Karaoke night. My friend pointed out a girl that waz eyeballing me zince i did my firzt zong. The beautiful people by Marilyn Manzon. Facked that chance up and zhe ended up with zomeone elze. But it turnz out that a girl i waz talking to 3 weekz ago iz actually interezted in me. Her friend comez up to me and azkz if i'm waiting for her to make the firzt move. And there'z me wondering what to do. I avoided contact with her all night becauze i waz fearing a repeat of my failure earlier on. We zang a duet together (zhe haz an amazing voice) and i waz zo nervouz that i facked up my partz of the zong. Thought i waz doomed. Then zhe zhowed me how to zquare dance to cotton eye joe later on. I accidentally burned her with my cigarette. Kizzed it better and next thing i know we're holding handz. We talked for a bit longer and i gave her a hug goodbye. The only deliberate thing i did waz not letting go until i got a kizz cloze. It worked! Running zubtle game iz fruztrating but it can yield favourable rezultz. I think the whizkey and zoda water helped though. Good old dutch courage