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Thread: failed approach

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    Default failed approach

    I went to a cousin's wedding earlier. Had no wingman or suitable fam member to work with me, so I had to ride it DOLO. Anyhow, there wasn't a ton of talent to work with, but I did catch a few ioi's from a 7 who's grandma happened to be good friend's w/ my grandma. I know, I know wtf... but anyways after a few drinks, I got some eye contact ( I think from the 7...jk ) and decided to fawq my aa. I approached her and her mom?!?!?!

    I didn't have anything planned , but I pulled up a chair and sat down.

    Mistake #1 Didn't have anything planned.

    Mistake #2 Failed to give a time constraint.

    Sat down and tried to talk to them while keying in on the mom as to somewhat ignore my target to a certain degree... fark lololol (remembering the feeling haha) At least I opened a set.

    I made very poor small talk (had to repeat myself over loud ass music). Mom got distracted, I quickly focused on the 7 and tried to sell a dance with Don Juan, INSTANTLY failing. I mentioned something about her not liking the music. She made these eyes like "Yeah totally, I'm above this". I negged her saying "Oh you must be Italian" (based on a %70 sure assumption everyone was). Looked like it worked. I told her, "Hit me up if you change your mind." Went about my business.

    An hour later, I grabbed my sis (similar age) and walked to a small line to take pics with BTB. The 7 was waiting solo right in front of us. She looked right at me, with my sis, then ditched her spot in front of us and disappered. I didn't see her again. I don't know wtf her deal was. I researched a lot of stuff on this site and thought that she should've at least been receptive to my approach with all them fawkin IOI's. I'm still pretty loaded. I think I'm gonna pass out.

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    Default Re: failed approach

    The thing is you really didn't make mistakes at all, just the "Hit me up if you change your mind" bit and the fact that she was probably waiting for you to talk to her again, but didn't do soon enough.

    Not having anything planned is not a mistake, sometimes it's quite the contrary. You go with the flow, improvise on the spot.

    And why give time constraints at a wedding? You'd still be there, it's not like you're going anywhere else, except at your table or some relative's table.

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