I like to try new moves when I go out but this is by far my favorite one so I usually go for it at least once a night.

This was the night I developed and perfected it.

This was when closed a girl a good 5 years older than me at a pretty expensive bar in hamburg.

I was there with a friend when I noticed a group of 4 girls checking me out so I said to him let's chat them up of course he said I had to do the talking.

I opened with are you guys from around here ( as they were speaking German I figured so) the reply was yes so I immediately said

yeah we were here with a friend but he had something serious going on with his family tonight so he dropped us here saying it was a pretty sweet place to start of a night.

Now I got asked "ahh where are you from" blah blah "where do you live"

My standard answer was I'm from England (tunbridge wells a bit outside London) go to uni in Dubai ( everyone seems to think everyone who lives in Dubai is rich, I did actually live there so I can pretty much answer every question asked).

She started complementing me and it went on as she thought I couldn't speak German as I hit on her in English she started talking with her friends saying things like ohh he's so hot and I don't know if he wants me as soon as she said that I put my hand on her thigh.

She immediately asked me if I wanted to go out for a smoke.

I said sure.

I ended up hooking up with her near on a grassy hill near a lake opposite the bar (a good 10m away)


Plus points

You usually end up at hers ( family emergency at friends place who you are staying with).

You understand what they are saying to their friends they are honest because they think you can't understand them

Negative points.

Doesn't work in countries where the spoken language is English

P.s. To her defense I did say I was like 23 or something and I called this "the ciu bar play" but call it what ever you guys want.

Sonny Black