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    Default The first of many... by Tropics

    Hey Guys,

    I am now getting to the point as a PUA where I think sharing my field reports will be entertaining as well as helpful to others. My game has progressed to the point where I am getting very successful, though not flawless(I will be). I have inspiration to get a field report out every week, or every other week. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

    sorry this is long, but good.



    I got a girls number last week while my wing "Red Baron" and I were out. I said to the girl "We should hang out again some time." She said "o.k. give me your number, I will text you right now so you have mine." She then immediately text me her name.

    About an hour later I text her back "Tropics." She then text me back "lame" assuming she was referring to my alter ego name. (I told her my name was "tropics" at the bar and she then asked me my real name so I obliged IOI)

    The next day I said "Why would you say that about yourself." she responded "sir I am not lame."

    Then I text her the next Fri. and said "What are the lame people up to tonight?" she text me back around midnight saying she had "just got off work"

    This convo is important later in my story.

    Last night:

    I was getting ready to go out. My wing "Red Baron" and I decided that it was a jeans and t-shirt night. The 2 weeks before we had dressed in button ups and dress pants. I decided I needed a lot more flair to satisfy the peacock theory. I put a plain rubber band on my left hand, I put on my watch, rings, and even used a key ring as a ring to add another shiny item. Then I came up with a genius idea, I used 2 shoe laces as a belt instead of actually wearing a belt.

    I then drove over to Baron's house. We took a shot, and then headed out to a new place we hadn't been before. As we arrived at the place, I could see from the car window that it was packed. It had an small interior and a large outdoor patio. The outside portion was open air which was awesome. You couldn't tell that the inside was separated from the outside until they used vinyl plastic to close it up at the end of the night.

    We walked in to the sound of live folk music. The band was up on a stage above the bar that must have had a back entrance because there were no stairs to been seen. As I walked in there were so many people there personal space did not exist. I said to a random guy as I walked in "You have to be Adrian Peterson to get around in here." The guy laughed. Baron and I order a drink, and we made small talk with a mixed two set while we waited for our beers.

    After we got our beers, we began elbowing our way outside. I greeted people as I walked out. I then got into a traffic jam behind the bar and Baron and I were stuck in place for a moment. There was a two set of cougars right in front of us. One of then complimented Baron's earrings, and we then made small talk with these ladies for about ten minutes or so. As we were standing there a guy was trying to get through and walked into me. I said "Man there is no way through, we are stuck here." He laughed and back tracked his way around to a table he and some friends were at.

    The jam cleared up, so I went and opened the mixed set that the guy that bumped into us was in. I said "How did you all manage to get a table." The whole group was receptive and laughed. They then told us they were actually on their way out and said Baron and I could have their table. Then the HB8 that was with them said to me is passed "Thats how we had to get a table."

    The place was still crazy packed. I was sitting across the table from Baron and noticed a HB8 leaning on the back rest of my chair. I said "You know, I charge $40 for that arm rest."
    She laughed and walked in between Baron and started talking with us. Her friend then walked up as well. Baron and I had 2 open seats in a crowded bar, so I said "We are waiting on some friends, but you girls can sit for awhile. It's only $50 for a chair." The first girl said playfully "You guys are mean." Baron said "We also rent the chair out by the minute." She asked me "How much is that?" I said "$7 per minute." She laughed and I said "You can sit with us." Which she then did. Her friend opted to stand in between me and girl number one. Girl #1 also asked about my shoelace belt, which I took as an IOI, but I think girl 2 was trying to talk to me as well, she was asking me a bunch of interview questions.

    We talked to these girls for about 30 min. and then a different girl that was not with them ran up and sat in our open chair. She was an HB8 and was flirting with me. She kept trying to make me learn a handshake. Then after awhile I told her the handshake was retired and I was actually sort of disappointed because the first girl I was talking to ended up walking off because this second girl was taking control. Then one of "handshakes" friends came up and starting talking with Baron. She took "handshakes" chair when she went to the bathroom. I was also in the bathroom at the time, but Baron saved my chair for me. I cam back and then "Handshakes" other friend started talking to me as well. I spoke with the third girl for awhile, and then decided to get another drink. Well, as I was ordering a drink at the bar, guess who was standing on the other side. "Lame" text girl. We made eye contact, so I walked over and said "Hi." I told her Baron and I were outside and to come say "hi" later. She said she would. Then I went back out and continued talking to "Handshakes" third friend for about another 45min. or so. Handshake was sitting across from me and kept kicking my leg, while her friend was flipping her hair and asking me a bunch of interview questions as well. So I then had the two girls competing.

    Baron later that night told me he saw "lame text" walk up behind me and saw me talking to other girls and that she seemed a little unhappy about it. LOL!

    So, then the girls we were talking with left, and we decided to head to another bar. Lame text runs up to me and grabs my shoelace belt and says "what's this?" I tell her it is a shoelace. She then grabs the rubber band on my had and acts like she is going to snap it as well. So she was touching me and initiated. She then introduces Baron and I to her roommate, and we talk with them for about 15 minutes. We then tell her we are going to bounce and we headed downtown to meet some friends.

    Nothing else really happened that night, but we were only out for another 30 minutes or so.

    I named this "The first of many." because I ended up running back into the first girl after talking to many over the night. Also. because it will be the first of many field reports.

    Advice to take from this:

    For newer guys, or guys that have a hard time talking to girls. You can see I work to talk to everyone in the bar to build social proof. The more people you talk to the more peoples see that you are talking to everyone and it is a dhv.

    Any questions or comments are appreciated.
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