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    Default My first (very long) field report, with Tropics

    Hi everyone, this is my first field report I’ve posted J
    I apologize in advance for how long it is, I also apologize for all the details I left out because there’s a lot, I’ll do my best to recap our night

    This weekend our city had a zombicon event, biggest event of the year everyone looks forward to it and goes out downtown as zombies. This year the theme was silver screen so Tropics and I went as Al Capone (Tropics) and Scarface (Me)
    The costumes were actually pretty great, torn up bloodied and burnt suits, also took nerf shotguns and spraypainted em black, and carried around some cigars. Lots of opportunities for props and peacocking.

    We got together early, polished our costumes, and headed downtown about 8:30 (the event starts early evening). We hopped a ride with some friends, a married guy Ima refer to as Box for the moment, his wife and another cute girl
    The guys took one vehicle and the girls took another, for some reason. During the ride we discussed some game as Tropics and I usually do to get prepared. Box was confident he had the best game around, “trust me dude, ask them questions, trust me”, he also insisted you form a triangle around girls with 3 people, and tell them how hot they are “trust me”, uhhhh…. Became pretty clear early Box was not gonna be helping us.
    We got downtown, ran around, met up with the girls, and eventually Tropics and I slipped from them into the crowd.

    We met up with this 7 I game here and there (fallback) and faithful Tropics helped wing her older friend, a 6, for a moment, took some pictures and kino’d with our props and some pulling around. Just warm up really.
    Now I will mention Tropics and I have worked many sets using pivots (the girls above would be) or rolling with just him and I, we have definitively determined we function better as a pair, pivots more often than not become anchors. We get a number, and move on. Not always, but in general its better for us.

    We wandered around for a while, opened a handful of sets. Simple openers - tropics liked the – “You’ve got to be the worst looking zombie here tonight” for the girls not in costume – we both used “you don’t look like a zombie at all!” (said with some disbelief, a light hearted jab), or things like “uhh, what exactly is the idea you’re going for here?” (the night was supposed to be themed after important movie rolls).

    We made many approaches, Tropics ran the cube game on a few girls, many were receptive some were not quite ready. I’m not going to go into detail on all the sets, just the highlights and key moments.

    We were outside between some of the bars, still early evening maybe 10:30 by some music that was playing, talking with some random 6s out there –
    Important to note, VITAL to Tropics and I’s game is social proof. We start by opening whoever we see, guys, girls, 5s, 6s, 8s, 10s, whatever, it helps you bounce around as I’ll show you here
    We started talking to some 6s and find other girls using proximity, asking to be approached. There was a tall blonde HB8 nearby using proximity getting close to us (the 5-8 feet away mystery discusses) wishing to be approached. I turned to her and gave her some crap about her costume, and we talked. Tropics soon ditched the 6s too and turned to her friend a 7 to keep her occupied for me
    I kino’d a bit and got some photos with her
    (I’m working on incorporating a photo routine of semi-candid shots with girls, works great as long as you’ve received one IOI, you can take a photo and build some kino getting in close putting your arm around them as is natural for the shot, then you can build proof when they want to review and see tons of natural shots of you with other girls that slip by when you’re finding the photo)
    I got photos, locked her in with my shotgun prop which she loved, stole her sash for a while and number closed. We had the opportunity to work the set some more, but Tropics was not feeling the scene there exactly so we bounced.

    We opened a handful more sets, but really our game was faltering. We talked to some old friends we knew, ran around a bit, soon it was about 12:45 and we were sitting between some bars at a picknick table.

    Tropics and I began to enter recovery mode. Sent some messages to 7s we knew, backup, and tried to devise our gameplan. We had a bit of a pep talk, Tropics, we got more than an hour of solid gametime left, we got this. Tropics took a breath, forced a smile back on his face and said lets do this.

    We headed toward our favorite downtown bar – usually this place has no cover but with all the people at the event they added a $5 cover, small simple, but important later.
    Tropics found a huge turquoise feather (~3 feet long) and stuck it in his hat, great flair piece

    We got in line outside the bar and started talking to everyone in line. I found a 7 right behind me and gave her crap, kino’d a little touching some of her makeup, etc, asked about where her group was. She said her group left and I guess she found her new one (me). (Note – this girl was nothing special but she was certainly cute and we were in recovery mode, ok, she’s cool I can flirt with her for the rest of the night). Meanwhile Tropics disappeared. 7 was unprepared for the cover, now normally I don’t pay ANYTHING for a girl, but she showed me she just had a card and an ID, I told her I’d cover her and she could buy me a drink. She was all over it.
    Now, tropics shows back up with a blonde HB 9 and a brunett HB 8.5, out of no where, and we all start talking, still talking to the 7.
    I know the bouncer pretty well so when we got up there he just waved me and the girl past, no cover paid, but girl still split off to go buy me the drink she promised.
    Tropics 2 set split and said they’d be back.

    Time to back up – details I later got from tropics when we recapped. Tropics saw this 2 set, followed the 3 second rule and approached with a simple (they didn’t have costumes) “you girls don’t look like zombies at all!”, the girls mentioned they just got off work, so Tropics gave his shotgun to the 9 and said well here you can use this to fight off the zombies (excellent work locking her in), and somehow finagled his hat onto the 8.5, joked around some more then he brought them back over into line where it picked up above.

    So we got inside, tropics and I temporarily on our own. We went to grab an open pool table we saw and started racking. Tropics saw his 2 set so quickly told them they need to be our partners, they came over and we had our more formal introductions. I moved in on the 8.5 and tropics began playing with the 9.
    During the introductions the 7 who owed me a drink came over, handed me the drink, saw the hotter girls, and just walked away (LOL).
    We played pool and got some mad kino going with the girls. IOI after IOI from the 8.5, I got some hot photos together, then went for a simple Number Close early, I just pulled up the keypad on my phone and handed it to her, she obliged.
    We later split and went to a hookah bar that’s open past bar close and hung out and mad kiss closed these girls, eventually split for the night somewhere around 4 am.

    I summarize the last part because I want it noted we both kiss closed, and to talk about the different styles Tropics and I use both here on kiss closing and elsewhere on opening.

    Tropics is one of the most comfortable openers I’ve ever gotten to pickup with. He can walk up to random sets in a quiet environment and use opinion openers or cube openers. I really get stuck when I try to use canned openers
    I work with situational openers much easier (what’s with that dude selling flowers, creepy or romantic?), or use proximity well in crowded environments like the 8 I number closed earlier.

    Tropics asked me about my kiss close too, during all of our Kino girl and I were pushing and pulling all through the pool game and the ride to the hookah, etc. My preferred way is to create some sexual tension. I touch the hair and the face naturally at one point and push the girl away. I will let the girl get close so our noses are almost touching, shake my head and step away. This continued progressively until I created enough tension she was mentally begging for it and we started making out.

    Tropics went with the solid Mystery kiss close while we were sitting with the girls at the Hookah (we had separate little loveseats which was perfect)
    Tropics has the girl with him, looks at her, and just asks “Do you want to kiss me?”
    “YES!!!” she says (LOL) So tropics kiss closed his 9.
    If you don’t know mystery’s kiss close its simple – you just ask them “do you want to kiss me”, if they say yes, you kiss, If they say maybe, they really mean yes so you kiss, if they say no then you respond “I didn’t say you could”
    Simple, effective, safe.

    I use tension, look for 3 IOI’s (3 IOI’s means 95% you are safe to kiss) and do one more trick, find an excuse to touch their hair. If they are receptive when you put your hand right up into her hair, it means she wants to kiss you. If she turns away, she would reject a kiss. Out of about 50 times I used it to kiss a girl, its failed only once ever, I still slept with that girl later but she was baby stepping on the kiss at the time.

    Tropics is by far the best wing I’ve ever worked with and he’s got mad skills opening sets. We were in recovery mode after we had started to stall hardcore and Tropics comes out of no where and delivers with 2 total hotties.

    I owe you Tropics and I hope you add your own supplemental field report to this to add some of the important pieces I missed.
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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    Default Re: My first (very long) field report, with Tropics


    Let me just start by saying that I think after the success we had last night we need to start referring to the end of the evening as "crunch time" and we need to find a way to incorporate "buzzer shot." Baron hates that I want to coin those phrases, haha!

    I also think we need to start forming triangles around the girls. There is much to be learned from "A night at the Roxbury." and from Box. LOL


    Now the report from my side....

    Let me start this by saying that Baron was on his game early in the night and I kept getting hung up and I was struggling. I was having a difficult time building social proof and opening sets. I think I was trying too hard earlier in the night and the sets I was approaching could tell. The other thing that I was having a hard time with was that normally Baron and I are the most peacocked people around. At Zombiecon everyone was dressed up to the point that the people that looked normal were standing out like a sore thumb. I was letting it get in my head that I was not the guy standing out.

    Since Baron has already lain out the course of the evening, I am going to talk more about how I was in a rut and was able to pull off a buzzer shot during crunch time.

    On a side note, I want to say that sometimes I can start to get discouraged and Baron is excellent and pepping me back up and helping me get my game back on track. Our success is because it is a team effort. Getting a wing with mad skill is VERY important to every PUA out there. If you don't have one, you NEED to find one. So Baron, I owe you on that one. You always help me get my energy level back up.

    So I am going to pick up from the picnic table. We had an hour left to make something happen. Baron says "Dude, your game is off tonight. We got an hour left of game time."
    "You need to start smiling and get it together."

    I respond "You are right. That is IT I am MAKING this happen." We start walking to "old faithful" the atmosphere we are the most comfortable with. As Baron said, I found a huge feather on the ground and I had a feather notch in my fedora. I picked it up because this was the last effort. It was go big, or go home. So I went with the big feather. I then felt I was successfully out peacocking people again. Probably just in my head, but it worked.

    We got in line to pay our covers and Baron opened the girl he was talking about. I saw probably the best two set I had all night. These girls were FINE! No doubt about it. So I walked up to them without hesitation and was able to get my props on both of them in line. I then talked with them for about 10 min. and introduced them to Baron really quick before we went inside. The hot 2 set ran off and started dancing with each other, so Baron and I went and got a pool table. Not 3 min. later they walked into our proximity, so I assumed they wanted to be re-opened. I went in and said that Baron and I wanted to play doubles in pool. They accepted with no hesitation. Baron's girl (the brunette) was giving him ioi's from the start. Frankly she was all over him. My girl was a little more reserved. I started touching her a little here and there while we were talking to start building comfort. Last call came and Baron and I decided to go and get one last beer. The girls also got a drink. As we were leaving Baron suggested we go to the hookah. GREAT MOVE man, it is exactly what style talks about in "The Game." We were able to get them to bounce to another location with us which changed us from 2 separate sets to a complete set.

    Once we got to the Hookah though my girl began to flake. She said to her friend that she needed to get going and that Baron and I could just take her home in the morning.
    I said to her "Here, come talk with me for a second." I began by saying "Your friend is scared to be left with 2 guys she doesn't know alone. I understand you have a child, I do too. (We saw her car seat when she drove us) Why do you need to leave? Do you have to work in the morning?" She then cheered up and said "No. What the heck, I have stayed out late the past couple of nights. What's one more."

    So I commiserated with her and then took away her excuses. It was a form of LMR which I was able to overcome. After this point she was EXTREMELY warm, open, and all about it!

    Following that, we all had an excellent time. Baron and I dressed as mobster zombies made out with 2 of the hottest girls we saw last night, and raised their interest levels to a very high point. I think there will definitely need to be follow up hang outs with these ladies.

    Baron, We work extremely well as a team. This was both of us using our strengths together and owning!

    There is no such thing as rejection, only feedback.

    Be the flame, not the moth.

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