So about two weeks ago me and a buddy of mine went to a concert. We got in for free cause he knew one of the roadies. We were drinking and having a good time and I decide that I'm going to get a kiss from one of the girls at the show. I don't remember much but I guess I was checking out this 28 year old and started up a conversation. We got to talking about music and I hinted that she should kiss me (I was drunk and there was no smooth transition into this). She was hesitant at first but she ended up kissing me. Long story short I got her number.
So we exchange texts during the week and she wanted to hang out so we went to a bar and hung out for a few hours. Afterwards we go to my place. Now this girls showed a lot of signs of, for the lack of a better word "issues" so what happens next I could only expect. When we get to my place we start making out then she jumps on me and is grinding on me very violently. She then asks if I do "this" all the time, I told her "no". Then she asks when was the last time I slept with someone, I lie and say a few weeks ago. Fast forward a bit she stays the night, no f close and leaves the next morning.
So last night we meet up again. This time I don't really show any interest cause I didn't really care what the end result would be. We go out to a show at a local dive bar. When we leave, it got a little interesting. While Im driving to my place she's licking my ear, grabbing my ****, biting my neck and what have you. Then she shoves my hand down her pants. We finally get to my apartment and immediately get down to business and she was well worth it. But after that she starts crying and saying how she "doesn't normally do this" and was just in a bad mood. Then she starts asking how many girls I've been with, not really caring (and partially drunk) I tell her the actual amount, 14. (I'm 21 years old). She didn't like my response and froze me out for the remainder of the night. Needless to say I won't be seeing her again.