I met this girl online who is really shy. She is 19 years old and seems like a really nice girl. We hangout for the first date and go dancing. Second date we meet up to just do whatever. In the middle of the second date she said she was supposed to go with her friend to pick out shoes. We take her friend (another girl), and spend an hour shopping.

I figured this ment game over but maybe I am wrong. While with these two I throw it back at her by secretly telling my guy friend to run into us. The girl gets kind of upset that I did this.

She texts me next day and I figure lets see what is going on, dont have time for games. I wanted to get physical second date, kiss, touch, smell, etc. So I say "Why dont you just get it over with"

me- Kiss me already
her-but I will really mess your game up
me- we will see. I want to spend some one on one time getting to know you better.
her- Sounds like a plan.
me- I passed!
her- Huh?
Me- u brought your friend to approve of me and she obviously loves me.
her-she didnt say anything
me- Riggggggggggggght!

we continue to talk 50-50 percent effort to continue convo. Is it normal for a younger shy girl to bring a friend?