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    Default 1hb 8 friends wanna have fun too

    I got this hb8s number at work one day using banter Fluff tlk we got to talking about winerys after I overheard her tlking about goin with a friend of mine. Anyways so we set up that later this month we'd get out with her friends and go wine tasting in temecula. So the day came and we met up at the hb8s house got there and we left. wen we got to the winerys I was paired up with the HB8 friend and she gave me hb9 blonde the look well if u know anything about game its an open invitation. So we started tasting and all I did was some fluff tlk a Kino Escalation starting with touching her leather bracelet saying how leathers a sexy material to wear and how now I gotta watch out for her etc. Also throwing a lil preselection tlking to other women tasting wine around helped as well she asked me how some wine was and I said good but I bet she taste better better we kissed (I saw the iois) we went to her friends house after and after a lil bit ofalking to her friends I asked this hb9 to show me around well I push pulled kissed her neck ear etc at let's just a y I may have stained the gust room bed . she ended up taking me home and domed me up bre she left wow I love this game
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