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    Default Girl at Wal Mart

    I'm not sure if this really goes in this section or not. If not, feel free to move it.

    Friday night I went out and had A BEER. Was supposed to go celebrate our birthday with a few friends of mine but they all flaked at the last minute, and without a sober driver it's...difficult...t o celebrate the USMC birthday the proper way. So on the way home I stopped at Wal Mart because I wanted to bake some cookies and needed supplies.

    As I'm walking to the register, the cashier gave me a nice smile. And she was pretty. Not drop-dead gorgeous, but I'd give her a 7, maybe 7.5, and there was just something about her...So I'm kinda happy when I walk up and a little more talkative than normal. She sees my hat and starts chatting me up. There was someone in line behind me, so I talked a few minutes, got my stuff, and left. On the way to the car, I decide I'm gonna go back in and talk to her. What's the worst that can happen, right? I don't usually hit on the hired help, but like I said, there was something about her. Anyway, I go back in, introduce myself, and kind of stumble about for a few minutes since it's been a while since I tried this kind of thing. We talk more, people come to the register so I walk away and talk to her when there's no one trying to check out. She goes on break and we chat a bit more, I give her my # and I'm on my way. She actually texted me like she said she would. So I'm trying to get something going for the following night after she gets off work. Just meet for coffee, nothing major. I ask what she's doing after work, she says she has to make sure her son has his homework done. I reply with "That's a Sunday thing to do, not Saturday". We text a little more, she goes to bed. We text a little Saturday morning.

    Fast forward to Saturday afternoon/evening. I'm down in Columbus (Easton, to be precise, for anyone who knows Columbus) because I wanted to pick up some stuff at Trader Joe's, hit Barnes & Noble, maybe get some new, better clothes. I get a text from her a little after 6 asking where I want to go for coffee. I say doesn't matter, wherever we can sit and talk for a while. She says Burger King at 8, after she gets off work. (Yes, I know, I should have taken control a bit better.) I'm in northeast Columbus, and the town I live in is about an hour from Dublin, which is NW Columbus. I get on the 270 north outer belt a few minutes after 630. This is gonna be cutting it close. So I let her know I might not be there at 8, I'm in Columbus. I did manage to get back before 8, even had enough time to drag a razor across my face, re-apply deodorant and add body spray, and brush my teeth. I go to BK and meet her. Things seem to be going pretty well. We're talking, I've got her laughing, etc. We part with an expressed desire to get together again and a hug.

    The next day, Sunday, we text some more, I go back to Columbus. I said something funny, she laughed, I said something like " really hope you like to laugh cuz you'll be doing a LOT of it with me. Humor is the best defense against whatever life throws at you." I then go about my business, leave the phone in the car cuz I didn't have a place to put it and didn't want to risk it getting lost or stolen (I was playing football in a park). I get back to the car, got a text:

    "I like to laugh and not looking 4 a relationship. got a lot goin on"

    I reply back: I C

    I delete all the messages, delete her # from my phone.

    I can't help but think that part of what went wrong is, she knows some of my family, and my cousins are pretty much all sh1tbags. Actually, pretty much everyone around here with my last name, or otherwise related to me, are sh1tbags. I'm the white sheep, the rest of them are all black sheep, and I'm nothing like them. I told her this, but those of you from small towns know how it is.

    It seemed to me like I was being given a brush-off, and I don't feel like wasting my time. I ran the numbers after my first shoot-down after being single again, and by my estimate there are 707,880,000 women worldwide that meet my criteria for age, appearance, ethnicity, weight, etc. So why put up with a bunch of sh1t or waste time on any particular one, you know?

    Anyway, if this is too long, it's my first time writing one of these and I'm not sure how much detail to go into.

    I'm not sure if I screwed up somewhere or what, and even though I think I did the right thing by deciding to forget her, a few of my buddies are trying to say I should have tried to keep her as FWB. I don't really think that's what she was getting at, or would be cool with. I don't know.

    EDIT: I ran into a woman who's a mutual acquaintance at the grocery store last night, and apparently this girl is just a flake. When I told the other woman what happened, she said 'yeah, she's like that'. So I guess I didn't make any real big mistakes, just chose the wrong girl.
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