The Game works in mysterious ways. Went to Skky with Josh and my intention was to escalate
on Birthday HB 7.5 from last weeks post. Interesting prospect, since she had been pretty uptight through our text exchanges.

Walk in and really just went to work on social proof, I've noticed on nights where I'm dancing and seen with chicks I get a better overall response. So I did some introductions, lots of hugs and high fives (easily seen) and went to the dance floor and started dancing. I'm dancing with a 6 and a 7and some HB8's start dancing next to me. We lock eyes, I start dancing with her and it's awesome we are oozing sex appeal.

At some point dancing becomes basically drying humping on the stage, grinding, titty squeezing and most importantly for anybody paying close attention she is moving my hands all over her body. I know she wants to fark, she put my hand on her ass and told me to squeeze it hard. At this point I know, I'm golden on social proof but I still make sure to dance with random girls early and often.

I hit on the two baddest chicks in the bar, one with her man standing there and the other was married, which sucks because they were feeling me. I went direct because I knew my frame was solid and my value was high.

Birthday chick is with her number one loser, uhh bad for She is sitting down, and I dance up on her really sexually and smell her neck once. I pull back, look her in the eye and tell her she smells good. I inhale deeply on her neck again and start kissing on her neck and squeezing her ass. Orbiter freaks out, but the damage is done buddy. Thanks for buying her drinks all night....haha. Some random guy is hitting on HB7.5's friend and he looks at my girl and goes "This a farking pimp, you better not be surprised if he takes you home tonight." That was unplanned and completely unexpected, but the stage was set for magic.

Anyway, there is this girl that I know. She has been pissed at me and wouldn't talk to me for 3 weeks. I say bye, expecting no response and she snatches my hat off of my head (peacocking) and proceeds to tell me how pissed off she is at me. Then she says those magic words that means she wants to fark, "I'm so drunk, come to my house".

I make a decision to drop birthday chick and go with her. My logic is, she is leaving the country in 5 days and Bday chick isn't going anywhere. Birthday Chick walks by us on the way out of the club and yells "Kino"and grabs at me, I high five and play it off as not to piss off my target. Later, as we are walking out to my truck Birthday girl rolls up next to us (orbiter is driving) and yells "Kino" and reaches out to me again. (Yo orbiter,'re a pussy...if i wasn't distracted I'd have farked your girl. I bet you believe all that miss priss sh1t she spouts.)

Fast Forward, we go to her place and she tells me, I'm talking to you because I saw you with all those girls. You're such a player, Mr. "Pretty girls everywhere". I hadn't paid her much attention to her all night other than a hello when she came in but apparently she was watching me, and she wanted to with the guy that all the girls wanted. I got laid because my social proof was through the roof, by a chick I wasn't even targeting. That is an accidental f-close.

One more note on HB 7.5, she wouldn't return my messages yesterday but today she was right back in the rotation. Note to orbiter, I'ma fark your dream girl.