I'm not gonna recap the whole night, but I had to share the last sarge of the evening with you guys.

1:45 am outside Maloney's I see some guy I have never seen talking to one cute chick and her cute friend was standing by barely engaged in the conversation looking kind of bored. I walk up to the guy and say "Hey man, long time no see, how ya doing?" He said "Hey, bro wassup it's been a long time"
Damn right!!!! I'm thinking I have never seen you in my life..hahaha. So then I say, "Hey man introduce me to your friends."

Poor sap did it too, so I let him continue talking to the girl that eventually goes home with Breeze. I turn to my target and introduce myself. She tells me her name and I say "Hey, it's just so strange to walk up and ask somebody for their number." She smiled and said "Yeah". I looked her in the eyes very sexually and said "So....What' s it going to take for you to love me?" She lit up like a christmas tree and replied "I don't know." I told her "Well let's find out." whipped out my phone and she gave me her number before I was even ready. I asked them if they wanted to go party with us at which time my buddy that introduced us went into full blown panic mode, sorry pal. We bounced them away with us.

As an added incentive we challenged them to a race, talking smack the whole way to keep up the dialogue, on the way. It was a REALLY FUN night - wink wink