there's only one bar that i like around here and it's too loud. i had talking anxiety, not Approach Anxiety. several girls brushed up against me. couldn't say the $5 line or anything. HB 8. she said that if she drank a lot then we would have to carry her out. told her that she would weight too much. perhaps more of an insult than a neg. i hate negs. teasing is the toughest part for me. met one of my friends that happens to be a girl and tried escalation but the friend zone is such a sticky place. friend zone game is different from any other game. you just cannot make it happen unless the circumstances are right. took a picture of three girls. should've told them that i had to be in it. not much really happened. hardly feel like I need a girl. hardly feel that fear of being alone. i live a monkish/priestish lifestyle. but my main drawback is obesity. no confidence in obesity i tell ya. once I get that worked out i'll be set. au revoir my fellow pua's.