Tired of using technology? What about just being me?

See... I've never taken improv classes, or been a stand up comedian, but I can bullsh1t on the spot like no other person I know. I've nicknamed my style of game "Situational" - I get better results with technology (openers, routines, etc) on the spot, instead of stuff I've rehearsed.

Sitting in a booth with the guys, I look up across the darklit room and spy a two set, one brunette seven and a blonde nine. I look at the nine intently, she's hot. I cut off my wingman mid-sentence and signal that I'll be right back.

Standing up and walking towards them I suddenly realised that my Approach Anxiety had gone, and that I have nothing prepared. What am I going to say?! Last second, and I mean just as I kneel down to their level, I notice the coloured lights above them gave their hair a blue tint. And so...

Volta - Okay, this is a little random but, what colour is my hair?
Brunette - Blonde, dark blonde maybe?
Blonde - Yeah definatley blonde... Unless it's a trick of the light and you're actually ginger **She giggles a cute, seductive little giggle**
Volta - See that's what I said, but my friends over there **I say, gesturing vaguely over my shoulder** are trying to convince me I'm brunette. I don't know about you **Said to the blonde** but I lose my keys and phone way too often to be brunette right?
Blonde - Ah you're as bad as me huh! Two peas in a pod obviously
Brunette - Yeah she's so dopey she managed to scream for ten minutes about losing her phone...
Blonde - It was in my hand!

I won't bore you - but it went on like this for anothe minute, before I excused myself back to my table - Approach Anxiety conquered, I didn't want to be getting ahead of myself.

But it was this ability to improvise that saved me, without it I would have been left floundering, talking about my friend's jealous girlfriend, or my new three legged cat.
Bullsh1t is the new gold.