i will begin this by stating that i have been pretty depressed for a while. i recently moved to georgia form michigan for a couple reasons including trying to find a job and getting away from a bad environment. and very soon after my best friend back home died. i havent found a job, and my moms , i dont want to say a b----, well pushy. so my sister came back from college and we figured hell we gotta get out and go do somethin, her just coming off a bad relationship, so we go to one of her friends house which was alright, she had a bf there and no one else was there, but i did catch her eyeing me a couple times. so we chilled played some quarters n smoked up a bit then my sis says we should go hit up this party she heard of and i wasn't gonna say no to that. we get there and of course its a sausage fest. there were only 3-5 other girls there. a couple already taken and one guy was trying to game 2 of the other chicks. after introducing myself(my sister did a horrible job of introducing me to the people there of course) and passing some new amsterdam gin round to some folks i decidded to go play some beer pong, mainly cause i got sick of the people upstairs trying to rap and id noticed a pong table in a previous exploration, when i enter the room the first thing i noticed was that it was virtually empty. nobody was playin pong(to busy tokin in one of the other rooms i guess) and that said guy and 2 girls were there. so i do a couple double takes from table to them then say "hey, you guys want to play some beer pong?" immediately blond girl, bout an eight but i like short girls so a 9, jumps up and says hell yeah. so we all go to the table and start setting it up and blondie states shes gonna be my partner. i say im fine with that, as long as she doesnt hold me back cause im feeling it tonite. so we're playing and kicking ass, the whole time im getting some small ioi's from her. so i start talking more in earnest with her. in the meantime more people came to the "fun room" and we start playin flip cup. after a few rounds of this i finally ask blondie how old she was and she said she was 16, bout to be 17 and thats when i realized that down south grows their women well, cause she looked atleast 19. so i start trying to extricate myself from the rapport and am having some trouble when my sister states its time for us to go cause she has to drive back to college in the morning and shes to drunk to drive home so i gotta drive. saved me from a tough situation. but yeah thats my ego boost from the other night, even though i dont feel so good bout her being that young it still felt good that i did something right in a house full of guys that i stood out to her above the others.