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    Default Kino's Alpha Practice

    (This is a FR from early in my development.)

    Alpha practice, bitches. Met Josh, we went to hooters. Interesting, HB8 yells out "Look, it's the mind reader", Second HB8 remembers meeting me at Rok and comes over and chats us up on body language. Thing about 2HB8 she never gives off the I'm a hot chick vibe. I may need to explore this, I think I see a definite opening.

    On to Skky, see a couple of sets, not many tonight but see the 3 girls from Tuesday that I didn't get to spend anytime with. Walk over exchange hugs and decide to use HB7.5, (I'd say 7, J says 8, Ass is a 10!!!) as practice for 2 reasons. 1. She always has dorks on call to buy her drinks and hover ALWAYS, 2. She isn't very reactive
    to anybodys game from what I've seen.

    Use big girl as a pawn to help me get HB7.5 attention. Do mind reading and nail the first answer, do it a second time on big girl and just missed couldnt decide between, two answers had a 50/50 chance and missed. Big Girl was like "do you know anymore magic", perfect my hook is set. Tell her I've got something WAYYY better and roll off.

    Come back to set and Cube big girl, she is like "wow, do my friend" 7.5...just as I had planned. Big girl convinces 7.5 to give cube a try. Start cube on reluctant chick and when I give her first bit of info about herself she slapped me on the arm and pushed me away, "oh stop I don't want to know anymore". I said Ok, and turned my back but of course she wanted me to continue. Finished cube and did Strawberry fields but just for her of course, pointing out our very simliar sexual natures. Decided to push the alpha moment to create the impact i'm missing. I look directly at her and say "I want to know, what you like, whats fun for you, what turns you on, what excites you, what brings you pleasure, because I want the job."Keep in mind this chick was pretty cold, she looked me up and down, with a look of TOTAL surprise on her face and said "oh really" I said "yeah, really." Total state break, she was very different from that point on. Still standoffish, but it felt like she didn't want to vulnerable to me now.

    We went to the dance floor and she says "I can't dance with you", I laughed and asked "why", she said she doesn't do that.
    I smirked, looked her in the eye and said "we are breaking that rule tonight." She smiled and without a word, the ice queen is gone. The uptight chick is gone and this sexy beast is grinding on me with that perfect ass. This girl has an to die for and all these guys are standing around staring while she shakes it. Of course some douchebag ruined it though after the first dance by yelling "Get it playa", he fucked up the vibe on that..urrghhh. I knew with the logistics this would not be a fuck close, and I have a cold so no kiss close either. I was saying my goodbyes and she made sure to invite me out for her bday celebration next week. I typed her name in my phone and gave it to her and she entered her number.

    Tonight, was Alpha practice. From the girl to the orbiters. Tonight,
    I made sure and engaged any orbiters tonight right away (she has plenty), it's amazing how little energy it take to derail these losers. A few quick questions and they seemed to fade back into the background. Most importantly, going Alpha Sexual on this ice queen melted her. I can not express how hard this girl is to game, she notoriously shoots down everybody. (The next few times I saw this girl she was all over me.)

    Something, I want to steal. Introduced my south american friend to the 3 set, told him it was 5's Bday, which is perfect he's
    in her range, he said "is it your birthday", she said "yes" he said "do you have a boyfriend" she said "no" and he kissed her passionately on the

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    Default Re: Kino's Alpha Practice

    Good work playa. Tough spot to AMOG back being they shouted it from out of the peripheral.

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