Got an invite to a friend's band playing a free show last night so I went out. While I was there, I'm puffing on a big cigar and this girl comes in. I was actually watching the show and not looking at the door so I didn't even see her there. Anyway, she approaches me and asks about the song and my cigar. We talk, I comment on her necklace. There's no real negging but a little bit of teasing about names. I meet her friend who she's there with, a less attractive girl, and proceed to talk to her for a while. After we all joke around for a bit it's nearly time for me to leave. I've been using Kino, mostly safe/comfortable instead of sexual escalation, and mention before I go it'd be cool to hang out again and grab a drink later. She says "Sure, let me give you my number."

I went to make plans but she has plans for Saturday already. Still... not bad for an unexpected play, right?