Went out last night with Red Baron. First two spots were dead early on, so we ended up at an Irish Pub. Not a big crowd either, but we made the most of it.

RB opened a couple next to us as we got a few beers. We step outside and a drunk girl opens RB and likes his peacocking. I engage a few guys behind us.

First open was the server. Happened I knew her from a previous job. I portrayed a high energy level as I talked to her. Ran ESP it worked and ran cube (even though I am not at mastery of it yet). All worked. But she was just recently married on 11/11 so I left that alone and used her to build social proof.

Happen to know the G.M who bought me a beer after chatting with him and was a good DHV for later on.

Second set. HB 7.5 sitting by herself on her phone. Opened with are you always this anti-social, and then the facebook ex opinioner. She was a server their who just got off. Rolled off to re-engage later.

Had the first server introduce me to the second, and the guy she was talking to. Then did some NLP that was a hit. Took over the set and did some Amoging when a AFC approached. This AFC was about 6'8 but I patted on the back and said I wore the same shirt in high school that drew laughs. I'm 5'7 so it can be done despite physical size. I owned the group for the most part, but my target had a b/f and I normally stay out of those situations (even though I should still Number Close and see about other friends/parties).

Third set was the bartender. I opened with asking if she was confident enough to take a sincere compliment. She said yes, then I said me too and you start. Followed by asking how I knew the GM, which was great DHV. My only number close of night.

Next, we moved back to a bar I started night at and this time had a bigger crowd. I opened a girl walking to the bathroom who was 6 foot. With asking if her hair was real then went into saying she was a b**** but deep down she isn't and in middle school she was a sweet and innocent. Then I rolled off.

Later, RB and me started talking to a small group. When I noticed a woman sitting by herself. I went and opened her. She was 38, looked good despite her age. But she was a tough one. When RB came over, she constantly gave him shit test. Did get her to buy my drink and we went back over to RB's house. She was complicated and kept putting up resistance, it got late and I bailed about 3:30am.

Things that were positive was I've gotten over Approach Anxiety. Got good responses to my opens and my false qualifications. Negatives were I failed as escalating kino and some work on shit test myself. I have improved since I got back into the game in the last week and interacting socially.