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    Default got opened in a restaurant

    Hello guys,
    I had an interesting field report in a restaurant. Wanted to share with you guys. Me and my friend were chilling with some buddies. My friend got drunk and high. I was pretty sober though. We went to a restaurant (more of a fast food place). And there were two girls. Me and my friend were talking about interesting stuff life stuff. I was peacocking hardcore - bought ridiculous things from urban outfitters. The girls started to check me out but I did like I dont see them. I was going to take a napkin and one of the girls stood up and came to get a napkin too. But there was a vending machine and i thought she was getting water. So, I give her the way but she goes for napkin.

    Me: "Oops. Im getting it first "
    HB9: *smiles and goes sits with her friends*

    Then I make an eye contact with her and start smiling. She immediately starts talking louder. And the whole group starts talking louder. I eat my food and go to bathroom. I go to approach them but...

    HB8-1: Where did you get these scarf?
    Me: in a store
    HB8-1: which one?
    Me: urban whatever its called
    HB8-1: "urban outfitters. youre such a hippie
    Me: No.. no.. I am just stylish
    HB9: *laughs*
    HB8-1: Alright you will get me a present from there
    Me: You get me one first, ill think about it later/
    HB8-1: *handles me her cup*
    Me: That cup is empty. At least be more original and fill it with water
    HB8-2: *tries to give me fries*
    Me: You just saw that I just ate.
    HB8-2: Where did you get the gloves?
    Me: Same place. *i turned to HB9. she was looking at me adoringly, so I smiled and touched her nose. She start complying. It was so cute *

    (i was going to go for an esp but...)
    Wing: Do you guys know where he is from?

    then we start talking about my country for like 5 minutes. HB8-2 gave me high 5 at some point. I took gave her high 5 and hold her hand and start rubbing her while talking to others. Nobody saw it except for her. The girls start to get really excited and start talking to each other.

    Me: Hey!! Hey!!!
    (they are not paying attention)
    Me: Alright I am leaving. You guys pissed me off.
    HB8-2: *grabs my arm and brings me into the set* and starts talking to me while holding my hand.

    We went outside of the restaurant. HB8-2 sees two of her guy friends and starts talking to them. I threw another FTC and start leaving. The girl stops me again and talks to me about me and goes

    HB8-2: ... but one thing. Nobody knows where the f*** your country is.
    Me: really? lets check it out. *turned to her guy friends* you know where ... is?
    Both of them: yes.
    HB8-2 (to the guys): Shhhhh! Shut up!
    Me: *started laughing in a way that she lost the battle I guess its negging*

    Here is my self report but I would like to hear your opinions also:
    • I still have Approach Anxiety. Luckily, peacocking helps a lot to get opened. So, I am going to kill my aa after my finals.
    • I was feeling so comfortable and relaxed as opposed to my first FR (in McDonalds). Reading books about how to become and alpha male and listening to DiAngelos 77 laws of being successful with women changed my mentality that women are not aliens and are not kill me (thats the best way I can explain it).
    • I am really bad at DHV. I would want to know how to become better at it. Any suggestions? I am thinking of writing stories that happened to me and start to polish it up with less logical stuff (facts etc) and more emotional; and add DHV sparks. But I would need experienced people to check it out. Will you guys help me with that?
    • My body language was pretty decent.
    • I always mess up the stages in attraction. I do A3 stuff in A2 frequently like kino. It works in college environment because for college girls every guy is interesting. But it won't work in bars and clubs.
    • The girls friends left us two alone. I don't know what thats supposed to mean.
    • Do you think I should've K-closed HB8-2? Because I was feeling like it but I didn't do it due to the place I was in.
    • I become more observant by doing neggings a lot. So, I am decent at it. (sometimes I take it too far but its because I am bad at DHV)
    • I couldve talked to my wing beforehand because he started one more conversation about my dad being a prime minister in a joking way (obviously its not true) but I didn't know how to continue it, so I start making it not a big deal at all. Kinda worked. Girls start to ask me more about it and stuff and I kept ignoring them by negging.

    What can you guys suggest to me to improve other than the stuff I wrote above?


    P.S one more thing. is there any way to change my nick in this forum?

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    Default Re: got opened in a restaurant

    Would of been good time to Number Close and make a nickname for her. Example would be I am going again whenever and could use a females opinion. Exchange numbers and give her a nickname to remember the interaction by.

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    Default Re: got opened in a restaurant

    Nerd - send me an email and I can change your username.

    Oh ya - great FR. I also LOVE David Ds 77 Laws.

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    Default Re: got opened in a restaurant

    I'm personally not the negging kind of guy, but I understand that it can help you better observe your situation. However, I've been in that state when you neg over the line and get confronted about it. It kills the mood and wastes a lot of time building back rapport.

    Pretty good overall though. I'd say you're getting pretty good at taking down your aa, and I'm actually listening to the 77 laws right now. I think you could've pulled the K-Close, but like chet25 said, a N-Close would've been good too.

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