I feel I've been progressing pretty fast on a weekly basis. I've been working on being more of a conversationalist lately, to keep the talking going and be focused, building emotional connection with women to not just have some sketchy fling or flakes. Also, it helps showing you can be alpha by leading the group and keeping a high energy. I do recommend reading and listening to David Wygant, he is really great.

I went out with two friends who are outgoing, but lack the understanding of the game to a beer bar that is a good place to meet women. We will call them KC and ED. KC had a middle age woman coming up to meet him, but it was quite to start off the day as it was 5pm. Two girls walked in hb 8 and hb 9 looked around, so I waved my hands like we were over here and then turned my body language to say we were not interested. It worked as I was told later they taught who was this guy showing disinterest and found out they were strippers.

ED was excited so he went to there table to open, I followed to introduce. Teased them a bit then rolled off. Went to the bathroom, talked to KC a minute to find out he didn't want to talk to HB Milf 6. So I had him come to the table so I could introduce him to the two girls, while started leading the conversation. Noticed ED made a fatal mistake by lighting the HB 9's cigarette. By this time I had HB 8 hooked with some kino, hair touching, and good eye contact, while occasionally teasing the HB9. Ran the cube. Then I got to HB9 with a deep emotional connection by talking about how she was in the nerd click in high school.

I was leading the group as I had the HB8 , HB 9, and HB Milf 6 listening to my every word. KC just sat back and ED got into a mix group after I opened them about beer selection. Then I had all three women and my entire group who kept growing bigger, come across the bar to meet a couple I knew. Big compliance. I ended up kiss closing the HB8 and number closing both other women.

Then as I was rolling out of the bar, KC was talking to a two set with HB Milf 6 standing behind him. Good set up for him, but looked like he was floundering. So I ask him to introduce me to his friends and he didn't know their names. Was able to hook the set and Number Close within ten minutes and as I was in this two set. Without taking a step ED was in a two set with HB 9's and I opened, DHV'd him heavily and just led him to a better conversation, while I worked the two set I was in.

I continued the night by meeting up with Red Baron. Went to a loud club downtown, opened a few sets. But was so loud, just tough to have start a conversation. My night club game gets kind of lacking, day game and D2's have been improving. I opened a few sets, which was good. Almost lost my voice, really horse today. Red Baron was able to photo close on girl.

I've improved on opening, keeping conversations going, being confident and alpha, and light kino leading to kisses. Now, things to work on is getting it sexual with more than good deep eye contact and light kino. Have to work on doing more compliance testing with kino.