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    Default Re: Virgil's Field Reports

    I'm done for today. My goal has been met: to approach and open. I opened 3 women, all looking between the ages of 19 and 25.

    The first approach is in my previous post.

    The second approach was an mocca-colored HB7. I love that color. She smiled and said "thank you". I then said "have a nice day", which she wished me back. As we turned and walked on I could still see the smile on her face. I think I made her day

    The 3rd approach was kinda unexpected. My timer was off and I was on my way to the subway, when I saw a 22-25 year old HB7, which I opened. Again, a smile and a "thank you".

    As I walked into the subway, I almoast opened another girl walking by. I don't know why I didn't. It already doesn't seem scary at all to approach anymore. Sets do still kinda scare me so I haven't done that yet. I'll continue tomorrow and might open two-sets.
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