Hi people! Before I tell you this story, I would like to say a few words about myself since I am new on this forum. My name is James, I am 21 and currently live in Canada, Toronto. Since 2008 Iíve been studying social dynamics and mastering pickup arts based on Mysteryís works.
I didnít have a chance to meet Mystery yet, but I am looking forward for it since he is the only one who can officially proclaim me PU, until than Iíd rather not call myself this way (you can judge my PU level according to this field report though), yet I have 7 friends who became successful with women thanks to my trainings.
So, some prehistory to this field report. 5 days before this report took place Iíve been rejected by the ď10Ē bartender (I made a huge work before the opener) which doesnít often happen to me. That failure appeared to be really discouraging to me and the next 3 setís Iíve opened didnít go well too. I felt really shit, guys, it felt like my delivery appeared to be worse and worse every new opener. But fortunately one thing (Iíd prefer to keep it a secret) brought me to life and Iíve felt a irresistible tension to go to a venue and recover by opening a set. So I went to the bar I normally go with my fellows. Here comes the detailed description if this night.
As soon as I've entered the venue I opened the first decent mixed set of 2 guys and 3 chicks (6 and two 7). That is how I did it, total improvisation:
- hey guys *opened the closest dude*, do you know what that *pointing* bartender's name is?
- Not really...
- Damn! I asked most every person in this bar and nobody knows! You see... My best friend, Marcus, is really shy but he likes her very much, so he asked me to figure out what her name is so he can send her an anonymous letter with red roses.
*One girl* - ohhh... That is soo sweet!
- You think? So may be you could help me out here and ask for her name?
*Same girl* - Sure! I could do that!
She approached the bartender, ordered a drink and came back with her name.
- Her name is Lora
- Lora! Thatís a beautiful name! Thank you very much, dear! *I am hugging her and kissing in her chick, getting IOIs from the whole set, guys are smiling*
*Another girl* - What's your name?
- oh, I am James (shaking her hands, eye contact, ioi)
*Rest of the girls started telling me their names, shaking my hand, guys have followed*
- So, how did you guys meet?
*Same girl that asked me for my name, Iíve started to think of her as a potential target. At least I have decided to treat her as such* - We study together! *She said it really fast, looked a little nervous*
- Oh, that's great. I haven't seen you before in this pub, are you celebrating something special?
*Same girl, her name was Sarah* - Not really, we've just decided to go out... *Here comes the point when she started talking obvious b-shit in order to keep the conversation* - We had a huge problem picking a place. At first we wanted to go to the cinema but since there were no cool movies there we've decided to go to this bar and have some drinks. *At that point one of those guys started to tell something to other girls while Sarah was still focusing me. *My thoughts: "Oh yea... The obstacles are isolated, now I can work the target"*
Sarah: What do you do btw? I mean... do you study, or work, or something? *She was looking straight into my eyes, ignoring her friends, playing with her hair*
- Well, I... *FTC, looking back on the couch beside me* Let's take a place there. Thatís all you get for now! *I give her my hand, she grabs it, laughing*. Before I tell you what I do, I want you to explain me what is it so attractive about you. I can feel it but I can't express it. *She melted in a huge smile* You see, I am not usually affected by beauty, it is pretty common these days, girls spend loads of time to look pretty, so tell me, what is it so special about you that makes me feel that way?
*Guys, you had to see her face! She already wanted to drag me to her bedroom*
Sarah: Well, erm... *I took her hands, she squeezed them* I am a very friendly person * I look straight into her eyes, she tries to hide hers from me*, I love kids and Iím very passionate about... *On the word "love" I touched her hair, on the word passionate I made a move, she closed her eyes and responded, kiss, she melted completely, she was mine*
*Then we've been having a 10-15 min conversation about stuff, 2 more kisses and then... 2 set shows up. I looked at that 10 and said to myself: "Now, that's my target!" That 2 set, consisted of 8 and 10 ordered, a drink (I was still sitting with my first target girl, watching the new set) and placed itself right next to the bar. I've decided to do it this way. I started my tattoo material (description below) on Sarah, thinking of her as my potential pivot. And then moved her carefully to the bar (in order to by a drink) and when we actually did that I've opened the set with the tattoo opener. It perfectly worked and it didn't look like I had been switching Sarah to those new girls cause we've just talked about it with her. Here comes the conversation.
- Do you guys have tattoos?
- No. (I was awarded with cold indifference...)
- Have you ever thought about making one?
- No... (Basically ignoring my words)
- We've been discussing it with my friend *pointing at Sarah*, I need female opinion on something that's really important to me.
- Ok... *They turned to me but still pretty much indifferent*
- My 17 year old sister Alex is going to make a tattoo in order to impress her new bf, it was his idea actually. I've been trying to talk her out of it but she wouldn't listen to me, like to her mind it's the same thing as piercing. You do have piercing, right?
- I do *The 8 raised her hand, they were still not interested, yet they were at least listening to me*
- So the worse thing is that most of my friend try to convince me not to do talk her out of doing it, like "She is a grownup, let her take responsibility for her actions", but I know Alex, I know that she will be really sorry about it later... Besides, I don't like her bf, I think that he is a douche... What would you guys do if you were me?
Target: Well, if I were you I would give up trying to convince her. It's almost impossible to convince a teenager, especially when it comes to stuff like this. Besides, don't take me wrong, I would never do this to myself, but there's nothing so wrong about having tattoos on your body. Some might look pretty good.
*At that moment I though that I've made the next step*
- I see your point. To be honest I agree that some tattoos look cool. One of my ex. girlfriends, she was a dancer, had this... tiger tattoo. *Showing on my hand* When I've first seen it I asked her, what had it meant to her, since in the Asian cultures tiger tattoo reflects passion, power and integrity and on the other hand it's a symbol of protection. It appeared that I was right.
*Crucial moment, 8 and target started to listen to me attentively, my pivot started to act really nervous, I started to feel something close to confidence*
Target: Excuse me, what's your name?
- It's James *shaking hands*
Target: I am Rachel and *pointing at the 8* that's Jenna.
- Nice to meet you *shaking Jenna's hand* You guys are best friends, don't you? *playfully*
The 8: Why?
- Well, you have exactly the same facial expressions and you always look at each other before you speak. *pointing trick, worked*
The 8 - Yea, we've been knowing each other for years *first smile + slight laughter from the target, YEA!*
- Iíve seen the same thing when I was dating a girl named Sophia. She had a sister, so every time we went out together... *At that moment, by my guardian angel's grace, on of the girls from Sarah's company called her name, she told me "Be right back" and went to them. She never made it back though*
Sarah: Iíll be right back.
- ok, babe...
- So, when we went out together *now I was facing the set, alone... Man, that was a hard set...* I felt like I was dating twins because they did everything in the same way. They even dressed like twins and they had the same haircut. It was so awkward when I've hugged her sister once and kissed her neck cause I mistook them! *laughter from both girls* She was like "Oh my Gosh! What the Hell are you doing?! If my sister knows about it she's gonna kill us both! *I was saying it in funny female voice, they were laughing*
- Hold on a sec, give me your hand! *To the target, made a spin and took her place*
Target: oh, you are the biggest Jerk ever! *laughing*
- Do you know why we would never be able to date each other? *to the target*
- You are too much of a nice girl for me. You are this safe kind of girls who never take chances... And you *pointing at the 8" are the bad girl btw.
*I started to get a crossfire of positive emotions, target opened her mouth (like she was expressing a positive shock or whatever)*
The 8: Oh, really, why would I be the bad one?
Target: You can't be serious! I take chances all the way around!
- wow, wow, wow! Calm down ladies, I didn't mean to turn you on so hard!
*huge IOIs from both*
- To be honest let's go take a seat, I would like to order smth to drink.
Target: Sure!
*giving the target my hand, she accepts, we are heading to the couch in the corner of the bar, I ask the bartender for Grey Goose Dirty Martini *thank you for the idea, Hitch!* and we take a seat*
*So, we were sitting on the couch, waiting for our Martini to come, I have started kino escalations*
- Let me see your hand *to the target, she gave*
- hmm... Interesting... *throwing the hand away*
Target: What is so interesting?
- Nothing, reallyÖ
T.: oh, come on! *hitting me, laughing*
- Well, *taking her hand again* here's your close line... That means that you will have to get rid of your clothes soon! *I didn't make it up myself, I've seen it in Mystery's show once*
T.: You are SUCH a JERK! *laughing, hitting me*
- Ok, how about some magic than? Do you believe in Magic?
*She was just laughing out loud*
- You don't? Ok, now put your hands like this...
*Showed her Mystery's "magic trick", I guess you know which trick am I talking about*
T.: Are you kidding me?! *laughing out loud*, I point at my cheek, like give me a kiss, she grabs my head and gives me a hard kiss (still cheek :P)
*Martini arrives*
*I lean back with the glass and start watching the ceiling. The target puts her hand on my lap, leans to me and reinitiates the conversation*
T.: So, what do you do?
*At the same moment the 8 says ďbrbĒ (ladies room or smth) and we stay 1v1 with my target. *"That's my chance, now or never"*
- Well, before I tell you this I should know that you are the person I can trust. Can you answer 5 questions? Considering that you should be absolutely honest?
T.: Go on... *eye contact, she looks at me, slight smile, I hold her hands near the chest*
- When was the last time you've cried?
- Half a year ago after one horrible fight with my friend...
- When was the last time you've felt truly happy?
- This summer when I've won the dancing competition.
- Do you believe in fate?
- No.
- Are you a good kisser?
- Yeeeaas *smile*
- How good? *I smiled*
She made the move herself. So, by the time her friend got back we were making out. Now I would normally go with saying "slow down, we are going to fast" in order to blow her LMR and avoid buyers remorse etc., but not that time man, not that time... It was an explosion, everything else seemed meaningless. We didn't even notice her friend coming back and then leaving the bar. We ended up in her apartment, it appeared to be considerable closer than mine. No more words said this evening. Surely I took her number, just because you normally do it, but I aint gonna call her. I don't wanna ruin it.

The End. I hope you guys enjoyed it, I would really appreciate if you post your comments on this flied report, both positive and negative are welcomed!