I love sites like this and wanted to post what I think is a great field report. Please give me feedback:

Went out w a buddy of mine last night. We went to an upscale lounge/club. The place was packed and there was no doubt in my mind that it would be a great night for starting to apply some stuff I've been learning.

Not wanting to deal w the ragging music inside and the hundreds of people wedged elbow to elbow, me and my friend grab a seat outside at a table.
Cocktail waitress comes over to the table and we order 2 drinks from her. She was very typical of any cocktail waitress, dressed in a sexy little outfit w a bangin body. I flirted w her for a lil but her being a Hired Gun and all I decided to just stay friendly and not try to game her.

We continue sitting at the outside table, and as I begin to scan the surroundings I can see that there is at least 3 groups of girls all talking in separate groups, consisting of 3sets to 5 sets -all girls.

I've been doing a lot of reading on NLP and body language, so I found the set that looked the most appealing and subtly waited for the first girl in the group to look over. She did and I locked in eye contact on her until she finally broke and looked down to the floor. It took her a minute to directly look back over to the table me and my boy were at (but I could tell she was trying to look over through the corner of here eye as she was talking to her friends.)

When she directly looked back over again I still gave her that confident alpha male eye contact, but instead of holding it until she backed down like the 1st time (and not trying to seem like that creep show guy) I gave her a slight smirk, as to say "yeah I can tell you keep looking over here" After the smirk was added she smiled back, and (for whatever its worth) did a series of hair flips at me, lol.

After I got these indicators I knew it was game on! I stood up from my table.
Now I could have gone extremely direct and just walked straight over to the group but, I am not that ballsy (yet). So I pretend like I'm going to the bar. As I walk by the group, It seemed liked the girl was getting nervous or /anxious that I was about to come over and start talking to her.

Let me preface the rest of the encounter by saying I've been listening to a lot of Brad Bransons sh1t lately (that guy is on point and I'm really into his game and the ideas he has) especially the sh1t he talks about with confidence, toneality, and body language.

So I'm coming back from the bar and I walk up from the side of the group and go in for it...

Me: (to the girl closest to the end, HB7) Hey! whats going on! -strong tone and very affirmative, not dropping eye contact until she does-

hb7: (kind of caught off guard) Hey!... -intrigued that I came over that strong with so much conviction.

Me: Nice dress! (still strong in tone and kinda deadass stare into here eyes) waiting for a responce...

hb7: oh, thanks.

Me: Yeah, fits you amazingly! (same tone and eye stare, but since I complimented pretty hard I cracked a slight smirk)
-hb7 says she just got it and was glad I noticed. -touches me on my arm as to say she really appreciates me noticing.

Me: moves in between the hb7 moving her one spot over so in the middle of the crew -What are you girls celebrating! ? (trying to get the rest involved, theres a HB8 and hb9 in the crew w her)

hb8: (who was staring at me previously) Me!
Me: your celebrating you? Birthday?
hb8: no, were just celebrating me. I'm that awesome

[not having much experience in these situations I kinda went blank when thinking of something to say back to that] -any suggestions would be great-

Me: uh yeahh... you know you only get to do that once a year, its called your birthday
hb9: (who was seemingly uninterested began to show some expression and cracked a smile)
hb8: I party like everyday is my birthday

[kinda freezing up again and wanting to throw a wrench in sh1t to add another dynamic to the conversation -what Brad Branson touches on a little- ]

Me: haha. Your accent, where are you from
hb8: (slightly confused) here...
Me: really? the way your talking I sense that your from another country, your english has like a different tone to it!
hb8: No! I'm from Ohio
Me: oh, one of those huh?
hb8: whats that supposed to mean!? -touches my arm-
Me: its nothing. Probably best I don't tell you