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    Default Interesting Night Out ( lots of useful dialog! )

    Hey Guys! I'm back for my second field report in the past few days

    So, I went out last night -Solo
    Here what happened:

    Since I was going out solo I decided to get an early start on the night. Got to the club around 10, which was great because it wasn't quite busy yet, and I found an open spot at the outside bar. I get a drink and just chill out for a while. Soon the place starts getting more busy as I can see more people starting to fill the place up. Where I was sitting was perfect, at the end of the service bar, where all the cocktail waitresses come to pickup drinks, and where a lot of people try to sneak in to grab a drink.

    Anyways, as a sit down, I see a cocktail waitress that served me the other night. She approached the side of the bar and I said whats up to her. Luckily I guess that's where they hangout when there bored or some shit, so we got to talking for a little. (just a warmup convo to get the night started). blah blah blah, I tell her she can get back to work, and didn't have to keep me company.

    So, a few minutes later I find a 3 set of girls right behind me at the end of the bar, looking to find a space to squeeze in and grab a drink. (HB6-ish hb6 and HB8) Not the best set, but the hb8 was pretty hot, but I could tell she was a super bitch.

    both hb6's were interested in getting a drink, but the hb8 was looking around all disinterested like she was the shit, and looking for someone to approach her (some chode that would buy her drinks).

    I decide to start some small chat w the hb6's.

    Me: Hey!
    hb6: Hey, do you mind if I squeeze in here, I'm just gonna get drinks for us
    Me: (moves my chair slightly) Here, that's about as much room as I can give you
    hb6: thanks, I'm just gonna get drink for me and my girls then you can move back
    Me: Was it something I did
    hb6: huh?
    Me: well your leaving so soon, I figured you'd at least wanna stick around for a lil, you must be like that w all guys huh? and girls call me bad.
    hb6: No no, I can stick around if you want me to
    Me: (slight laugh) i'm not gonna make you do something you don't wanna
    hb6: whose to say I don't want to (touches my arm) I just figured you were waiting on your friends
    Me: no, there inside, I just came out here to chill out

    [Meanwhile the hb6-ish is standing behind the hb6, texting on her phone or w/e]
    [The hb8 is still standing around in bitch mode looking for guys to approach her]

    Me and the hb6 start chatting for a min or 2. I realize she hasn't ordered drinks yet, and she was really into our conversations. I then notice the hb8 coming over to talk with the hb6, with a pissed off look on her face.

    hb8: I thought you were getting drinks? what the hell is taking so long
    hb6: ohh.. I am I just got to talking!
    hb8: well I want a drink
    hb6: alright I'll get us them
    Me: (gives the hb8 a look) (and then gives the hb6 a look) -like is this girl serious right now.
    hb8: (looks at me like wtf are you looking at)
    Me: (looking back over to hb6) She must be thirsty
    hb6: (laughing) No she gets like that sometimes, she's different
    Me: Oh.. ok... (glancing over at the hb8)
    hb8: what?
    Me: smile!
    hb8: (slightly still bitchy look) why?
    Me: didn't you come out to have a good time
    hb8: I would be having a good time if she would get me a drink
    Me: Look, shes talking to the bartender right now. Your getting your drink.
    hb8: (looks at me like yeah, its about damn time)
    Me: (looks her up and down, slightly smirking) Lets play a game
    hb8: a game?..
    Me: eh, not really a game. Actually its more like a bet.I bet I know what you drink
    hb8: you wouldn't know.
    Me: (looks in her eyes, holds it until she breaks eye contact) I wouldn't be so sure. -smirking at her
    hb8: ok. fine, we'll bet.
    Me: perfect. And guess what if I win you just have to do something very simple
    hb8: your not getting a kiss
    Me: wow. we'll your a lil forward. haha. If I win all you have to do is start showing off your smile and having a good time
    hb8: (laughs slightly) ok.
    hb8: hey, but if you loose. If you loose you buy me my next drink
    Me: eh. that's kinda lame (I rarely pay for girl's drinks and it's something that doesn't really show much value, So I challenge her) You can do better than that!
    hb8: fine. If you loose...
    Me: If I loose I'll show you my dance moves inside later on
    hb8: ok. deal. what do I drink?
    Me: well you definitely look like a vodka drinker, and you probably mix it w some kinda fruity juice... (she was very exotic looking tan skin, dark hair, and blue eyes)
    I'm gonna say your getting vodka pineapple. Figured its a high % guess lol
    hb8: (starts to laugh) You think its that easy huh?
    Me: Hey its a guess
    [hb6 comes back over and hands her the drink, it was some fruity mixed drink, but I definitely smelt vodka]
    hb8: sex on the beach, you loose
    Me: Bullshit, thats like vodka pineapple w a splash of cranberry
    hb8: you loose (sips here drink) -smiling at me like haha I win, looser
    Me: You know I pretty much won twice
    hb8: (looks at me confused)
    Me: well for one, your smiling (giving her a slight grin) and two we get to dance
    hb8: hahaha! good point

    [the hb6 and hb6-ish come closer into us and see whats going on]

    Me: (looking at the 2 hb6's) well look who finally smiling (noding my head over to the hb8)
    hb6's: look at the hb8, and smile back at me
    hb8: he's just pissed off bc he lost the bet
    hb6: whats the bet?
    Me: I told her I could guess what she was drinking. I mean I pretty much did, but for whatever reason she thinks she won
    hb6: what did you guess?
    Me: vodka pineapple
    hb6: omg! so close. it was sex on the beach!
    Me: I know right, haha
    hb8: shut up, you lost
    Me: Hey zip it over there, you might not get to see my dance moves
    hb8: No. your have to show me in a lil
    hb6: oh. lol, was that the bet
    hb8: yep!
    hb6: looks over at me (gives me a wierd smile/smirk.. idk, very strange I thought)

    [so, blah,blah. we all get more drinks and continue to talk]

    hb8: I'm ready to dance!!
    Me: you ready for these dance moves?
    hb8: Yes! lets go!
    Me: alright.. I guess I can show you what I got. Excuse us girls, were gonna go, I'll have her back in a lil
    hb6: Oh, that's fine. We'll be here. Have fun (looking at the both of us, and giving me the same wierd smurky smile from before)

    [I take hb8 by the hand and lead here inside to the dance floor, we make our way to a spot. I take her hand up in the air and spin her around in a playful manner to get things going. I end up in front of her. We begin to get closer to one another, and I caress my hand over her face brushing her hair back. I spin her around again and wind up behind her. She starts grind on me, and things start to escalate rather quickly, as things start to heat up. I start to get hard and she then begins to reach her hand back and rub me as we dance. Things were getting really provacative, and I wanted leave her wanting more, so I slowly stopped dancing and told her things were getting outta hand for the dance floor. She laughed and said they could get even better later.]

    We came back over to where we had left her friend (hb6 and hb6-ish) they were still there at the corner of the bar lol.

    hb6: Hey!
    Me: whats goin on
    hb6: just chillin. how was it
    hb8: we had fun (smiling at me)
    hb6: oh. (smiling at me and hb8) thats, good
    hb8: (grabs my arm) Hey im gonna go to the restroom
    Me: gives her a nod
    hb6: so, I'm guessing you guys hit it off pretty good huh?
    Me: Yeah..
    [she was till giving me that wierd smirky smile]
    Me: Hey. am I missing something
    hb6: huh?
    Me: you keep giving me these weird smiles. idk, its throwing me off (It seemed like she wanted me or something)
    hb6: lol. Yeah, I have kinda been
    Me: yeah..
    hb6: well, you didn't know?
    Me: Know what? (very confused at the point)
    hb6: Adrianna(hb8's name)
    Me: yeah, what about here
    hb6: we'll there's just one thing
    Me: what. she's got a boyfriend?
    hb6: No! lol. she's single!
    Me: oh. ok, whats the deal then?
    hb6: Well, she's Adrianna, but she wasn't always Adrianna (giving me the smile)
    Me: (suprised/shocked/ complete loss for words) oh...
    hb6: Yeah. Please don't tell her I said that, I just wanted you to know
    Me: Yeah. Thanks..
    [Adrianna returns]
    Adrianna: (come right back over to me, closely. Begins rubbing my arm)
    Me: Hey

    [we all continue talking, and the dynamic was completely shifted. I definitely wasn't in the same head space. This girl was sexy and completely turned onto me at this point (Kino-ing the shit outta me) but, I couldn't get myself back to where I was previously]

    Adrianna: Is there something wrong? You seem like your out of it
    Me: No, I think its just im getting tired. Long Day..
    Adrianna: Yeah, we'll its like 2 30. I'm tired to. Maybe we should get going (rubbing on my back, giving me a provacative smile)
    Me: Listen, I think its best I just go home tonight. I need to get some sleep and have a lot to do tomorrow.
    Adrianna: are you sure? (smiling at me and now rubbing my leg)
    Me: yeah.
    Me: (gives her my phone) put your # in there and we'll go out again sometime
    Adrianna: ok babe (seemed slightly disappointed, and gave me the puppy dog face)
    Me: takes my phone back
    Adrianna: alright, well I had fun, Call me sometime soon sweety
    Me: for sure *kisses cheek goodnight and say goodnight to the friends

    Ok Guys, Soo definitely an eventful night.
    Mind you, I live in Miami and there is quite the selection of beautiful women from all over the world, thing is you always run the risk of running into one of those gorgeous girls, who was like Adrianna.

    Regardless, I feel I got a lot out of the interaction, and gamed her pretty well. I'm probably not gonna call her, but hey, it made for an interesting solo night.

    Opinions / Thoughts/ Input / whatever. Post it. Lemme kno

    Thanks! Tyler

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    Default Re: Interesting Night Out ( lots of useful dialog! )

    Really solid report dude, and I like the fact that you provided a lot of details. Actually surprised you remembered that much of the conversation. Here's my input:

    Great job talking to the other girls first, obviously you can't control which of the three gets the drinks but whoever it is you just open. I like the wager you made and the fact you made fun of her from mentioning a kiss, and then bet a dance (nice) over a drink (would've been a mistake). I am a crappy dancer, but I know if you lead the girl to the dance floor by the hand and twirl her around, you can just grind on her until the song ends. Otherwise, good conversation and good close (handing her the phone is money).

    My only advice is that you take the opportunity to call/text her and see if she responds. I understand if you have other options or if you just don't want to see her again--and if she is really bitchy, you might not want a day 2--but for me, I always like to practice my text/phone game whenever possible. I get plenty of numbers, but man I get a lot of flakes and stuff on the phone, so I always take the opportunity to work on it when I get a number.

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    Default Re: Interesting Night Out ( lots of useful dialog! )

    Solid work my man, but I gotta ask just to satisfy my own morbid curiousity: Were Adrianna's friends insinuating that Adrianna was at some point in the past a man? Sorry if I'm wrong that's just what I took away from your story Haha.

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