So I got an invite (it's awesome being connected) to an invite-only Christmas party with an open bar, free food, live music, all sorts of good stuff at this upscale Italian restaurant in my town.

I was not feeling like picking up when I went out - I'd asked three women I knew if they felt like joining me and got turned down by two and had the other thinking I was trying to get into a relationship with her and after defusing that bomb (definitely not relationship material. Good lay, though.) I was just looking forward to schmoozing, socializing, hanging out with friends, enjoying the band and having some drinks.

I walked out of there with two dates. One of them I just asked some questions of, let her ask about me and what I do and gave honest but little information (I wasn't trying to play mysterious, just being matter of fact without storytelling because she was actually interrupting me with my friends) and then told her she seemed pretty cool but I'm with my buddies tonight so why don't we get together sometime next week. Bam, got her number in my phone without even asking for it. Drinks and dancing next Wednesday.

The second was a complete and utter "what the hell - how did that even work?" I was completely drunk - I blacked out shortly after this and don't actually remember getting home (thank GOD I wasn't driving) - and getting ready to leave the party. I was waiting on a buddy when I turned and this girl was just sitting right by where I was standing and I stumbled. She laughed a bit and asked if I was okay and I just said the first thing that popped into my mind. "Yeah, fine, you just distracted me for a second." She asked how she did that and I said "I just saw your eyes and thought 'wow, she has the most gorgeous eyes' and forgot my footing." (I was standing on steps) She blushed, laughed, I got her name, introduced myself, apologized for being on my way out but told her about a show I'm going to next week and invited her to come along with. I had her number within five minutes of meeting her and while I've had to reschedule our agreed upon show (family stuff) she's offering to make whatever time she can to make it happen.

So that's my latest field report. Numbers and planned dates with a blonde (#1) and a brunette (2) - the brunette when I was too drunk to even properly stand up.