Tonight I stopped at the neighborhood liquor store which had the HB working, along with her co-worker who's a much better physical representation of a desirable male than I. He knows me from stopping by and shooting the shit on the way out. I shot the shit w/ him as the HB was ringing me up. Out of some unexplained reason, I noticed her brushing the hair as I was telling him good good concerts in the area. I said, " you know, most behavioral psychologists would say that you fiddling with your hair like that would say that is a sign that you're into me.". I then finished my conversation with her co-worker, then said, "let me know if you think she's worth dating" then walked out. He gave me a smirk, then said "we'll do" and I walked out. Was it a bad idea to disclose parts of Mystery Method lines as a direct way to use as reeling an hb?