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    Default back in the day, my first time sarging. 07′


    so you know unlike some other blog stories iv seen, i like to make mine quick and to the point and im so happy that you read them. but this one is a bit of a longer story. it means a lot to me. so today i am going to share a little story as my first time ever going out and sarging. this story just makes me feel like this is the day where i pushed myself beyond what i could believe, at least at the time. and honestly I was in high school at the time i feel like i did a good job.

    High school.yes. that was the age where i found this holy grail of knowledge. but it took me forever to actually apply it. and apply it consistently on top of all that. my first time out is when i completed the book “Mystery Method” and i figured it was time. but i did not want to go to a mall nor school to pick up a random chick. i decided to go all out. i found out that there was a TEEN CLUB! amazing right? i didnt know but all my friends knew. Ricardo and his girlfriend Heather who were my best friends at the time. (Ricardo still is) doesnt it suck being the third wheel when you have never even been kissed before? and when my best friend lives with me on top of that!

    so on all that i believe that is what drove me nuts enough to go straight to the teen club, one friday night all by myself. i equipped my Mystery Method book in my brown 91 Ford Ranger and a condom in my wallet, my hair spiked up with gel (which you never want to do) and drove about an hour to this place i have never been to, “Inferno”. the place opens at 9 and thats what time i got there, expecting there to be a huge line. no one was in line. i paid $20 up front and had this massive over sized bouncer who looks like he ate one too many cupcakes pat me down.

    as soon as i walked in there were a group of guys dressed in all red, blood walking on the floor. this was the time where i learned how to crip walk. so i sat on stage and greeted myself to them like a real dumb ass got off stage and started Crip walking like the little white boy that i am and brushed off my shoulders. they were posers or they would have done something. i saw two girls arrive, both i would find attractive at the time. i remember one was a mix, half black and half white with curly frizzy hair but done like a perm, and the other girl was white and blonde hair with a white tank top. the club was loud and u couldnt hear a damn thing. i sat down at the long wall of couches sitting kind of close but not too far away. i pretended to be on the phone (in a night club mind you) i didnt know how else to open them with only given a few scripted lines in a book. if i remember correctly my opener was “did you guys see that fight outside? there were two girls fighting over this man named George.” opener. a very typical opener i would have used back in the day because it was violent. they said no and it pretty much went dead other than name exchange and how they know each other but i felt like i did wrong because Mystery said not to ask for names have them guess it. i felt like a blew it.

    after several minutes of me sitting there, waiting for more people to show up some guys started talking to the girls i was talking to. i was observing from a few feet away, all of us still sitting on the wall of couches, they said “no thanks, we will talk to him. he is cooler” and they sat by me! i felt like a true pimp no doubt! but i froze up… i have no idea what to say next. so it stayed that way. after a while the girls got up and danced with each other than off to dance with some guys. while i was sitting on the couch and talked to the guys that got rejected by the girls before me. we all exchanged names than one of the guys said “did you meet Big MAC?” i remember his name exactly because i thought of the Mcdonalds burger. “nope. whos Big Mac?” they corrected me saying it wasnt “Big Mac its Big MAC” and you had to emphasis the “MAC” in his name. they had to introduce me to this guy. they did this guy, bigger than me (and that is saying a lot, even if at 16 i was tall for my age) comes up, tall, black gangster looking guy with a fitted hat comes up all drunk like the rest of the guys and we all start talking about girls and they said “you mess with me you mess with all of us, we will mess any nigguhs up”. out of nowhere they pull out a blunt and ask me if i want to smoke it with them and told me i was on their side and they have my back because i was cool with talking with them for a while. driving home was my excuse though i never have and still to this day never will smoke nor drink. i still smelt it and coughed my brains out. just the blunt wrap alone made me sick to my stomach.

    i get up and decide maybe if im standing up i can at least dance with a girl. instead of just sitting down off to the side. like that helped. i stood around with the wall of guys every club is known for sooner or later. i dance near some girls but nothing happened for a while. i stand around the same spot. not moving at all for about 2 hours. froze on what to do next. everything i felt i learned from that book was down the drain. finally when a girl comes up to me and asks for a dance, good looking? not at all. she was over weight and her teeth were messed up beyond reasoning but she still looked better than her friend by far. she would dance with me for a little bit than walk away, come back, dance with me and leave and come back. i was wondering what she was doing till i saw her going to other guys trying to get them to dance with her! good thing i wasnt attracted to this girl. but when she came back i went to dance with her and the girls friend said to me “she likes you. bite her neck she likes that stuff” so i opened my sucker mouth and didnt bite hardly at all. i mainly just cupped my mouth around her and licked. disgusting now because i found out she had perfume on and it stained my tongue for literally two weeks!!!

    after a while of dancing with her i was trying to kiss her but she always rejected me, but thats when a big fight broke out between Big Mac and some other people so at 12am they had to shut down the club and kick everyone out. the girl i was not attracted to at all had me by the hand and we were about to walk outside when all of a sudden she realized she forgot her jacket and ran back with her friend to go get it. in my head i was thinking “if i go with her i will end up farking her and there is no way i want that. i want my first time with a hot girl.” so i pealed out of the parking lot and left, and ended up getting lost heading my way home but made it home just in time to tell ricardo what happened as he was at my house awake ready for me to tell the story.

    if u want advice or more blogs kind of like this inbox me and let me know
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