after reading the books pandoras box, make her chase you, how to become an alpha male, and watching Adam Londons youtube channel i came up with a great plan to meet woman.

first from watching adam londons channel i was able to come up with the idea of creating a schedule that would be good for me to meet woman. from reading the book of become an alpha male by john alexander i learned how to make myself more interesting. from reading pandoras box i was able to tell which girl type she was just from talking to her for a couple minutes. also from the book make her chase you i learned about hygiene, grooming, phone calls, what to do if she has a boyfriend and much more. i was able to acquire the information that i wanted to set myself up for a good new year.

so Wednesday on the fourth of January was my first day of practice and i met a beautiful white girl *8.1 at barnes and noble. she was sitting down reading a book when i saw her and their was a empty seat next to her so i went to go chat it up with her.

i picked up a book went over next to her to talk to her a little bit and find out what type of girl she was. i remeber she was a investor, denier, and idealist. it started off with a little small talk and moved on to other deeper things. we talked for about an hour before i walked her out and down the street before she left toward her home.

i also got lost yesterday on the 7th of January on my way to go fix a paintball gun for a guy who was going to shoot a clown for a b-day party. i know kinda weird but i was getting paid $75 bucks so i was happy. so when i got to the street where the bus dropped me off i got lost and met a girl. she was a geeky hot 24 year old. shes going to college and is working at the goodwill store. she seemed like she would be a investor, denier, realist. she helped me out because she puller her phone out and got the gps so i can find the actual house which was really nice of her. she even called those church people on bikes to help us but they didn't know whats up. i got back on the bus and found the spot but before i did that i got her number and i remember when i asked her she gave me the smile of damn i thought he would never ask.

phone game.

so i called chick the second chick i met and she didn't answer maybe shes busy so ill get back to her tomorrow but the first chick answered and she seemed into me. she asked me for my facebook and we had a good conversation for about 20min it could have gone longer but i decided to cut it short since i had other things i had to finish up before i fall asleep. im thinking ill call her up again in a few days to see what shes up to and check if shes down to watch a movie since i got some tickets.

but thats my report for today, i hope you enjoyed my routine i pulled off and hopefully you enjoyed reading what i wrote about. until now this is good bye to all the pick up artist out their.