NYE I am running sound at a club for a cool band and it is an older crowd, I am 50 and it's a 30-50 crowd. There are two cute 40 yr old women near me so I talk to them and get an eye staredown with the brunette, they are both thin, cool. ioi's are textbook, "what is your name" "do you have a girlfiend?" Kino both ways her pupils dilate in our eye contact. 12:00NYE happens while she is peeing and she complains, I give her the NYE kiss then try for more kiss,she backs off a little "I don't even know you..." so, back to some more comfort 10 mins later our toungues are new friends! ha Her friend throws me a test (her)"I need a pen" me(badboy) I don't even look"try the bar" (her) "you get it for me" (me) " you can get one..." (passed) Her friend drags her away early to their room. She texts me later etc... We meet a few days later for a little food then to a close by cool bar. We sit at the bar her hand is almost on my c*ck then to the one pool table which is around the corner so nobody sees us making out between pool shots, then after much playful kissing and eye staring she hits me with a super sensual "what do you really want to do right now" I already asked if she had a curfew haha(she said no) Of course I said let's get a room and continue then she changed and started unloading more personal info on me. Anyways after some more makout and pool we left and never talked again.(or course there was the makeout at our cars as well)
So, I guess she needed a warm body that she liked for some kissing and probably needed a more "obedient" man, who knows. It was at least some fun while it lasted and she wasn't my soulmate or anything. Plenty more women out there.