LR: hook Ďem Heather (Halloween 2009)

okay this is an interesting one. If you know me, you know Iím pretty aggressive these days, basically I screen the chick with sexually-charged material and physical advances. She either likes me or she doesnít. if she does, then potentially shes down to fark

I'm trying to pull out the lessons learned here as I'm writing it. There might some that I skip over because it's obvious or maybe some that I entirely miss.

This chick was a quick 5 minute pickup at the gym (but she never ended up joining). I was just making faces at her until she made faces back, then I talked to her. She was new in town, from San Antonio, TX. I was fairly new too. While I liked how smooth the pickup was, I didn't completely like the pretense of "show me around town, or lets go exploring." Could get platonic quick if you don't keep a sexual vibe. So I kept that in mind.

For the few weeks, we shot each other same day offers. She even invited me a professional soccer game with her and her friends. But never met up. Then she kept giving me invites to "come have drink where she works". I'd either ignore those or say what I say was up to (if it was cooler).

I could tell this girl was nuts, I originally had set up a 1st date where we'd go to the DMV but had to reverse flake it. She doesn't have a license and has smashed 2 cars into telephone poles and left the scene. She'd send me texts from time to time about almost dying. She's not trailer trash though, she went to Texas-Austin. She's just wild.

She invited me to the Halloween thing at her bar, I declined since it was a mass text, but 3 days later I decided I'd just show up there and make faces at her but otherwise ignore her. And it worked.

Although it was Halloween, the majority of the crowd was USC kids that just finished watching Oregon demolish their team. I went as a football player in some of my Florida colors. Because of the football crowd, I immediately had status and 20+ people were asking me if/when I played for them. I just built proof off of that.

Finally, I see Heather and I make faces at her and go back to talking to other people. I give her the "Horns' Down" sign (this means 'fark The Texas Longhorns') and smile. This happens again. I don't move in fact I don't think I smiled this time. It happens a third time and she is just staring at me at this point. From her texts, she thinks and knows she's hot sh1t, so I stuck to my game plan. Sometime after that she comes over and jumps right in the conversation and hugs me. My first mistake is probably giving her too much attention as I embrace her - all the other guys and girls around just standing there watching.. (but in hindsight this girl is into me, so dropping the game at this point isn't going to kill me).

Before she goes back to work, she babbles something about an after party, asking if I know of any parties, how I should say around after, how she went joyriding in some gay guy's car, and then something how she hit and ran someone, etc. Okay cool.

For the rest of the night I just live off of proof and social skills... at no point do I go up to the bar and ask her for anything. I do look at her and make faces once in a while. I'm making sure to Kino the girls I'm talking to even when I'm asking "what's your name? where are you from?". That stuff was working fine. I made note that it looked like I was from Florida. Most people have been to Florida and are happy to compare it to California. People like talking about the weather itís comfortable for them I guess.

So it seemed I was making more progress with Heather by not speaking to her. At the same time, I knew I was going to absolutely pounce on this chick come closing time... she's going to want to stick around after the place close and get even more retarded drunk and scream and yell. Better to pull her beforehand. I don't have the voice or energy to keep up with her, but I can physically dominate her.

So that's what I did, the place closed at 2, I hung out until about 2:20... sure enough she comes yelling and screaming, throwing ice at people, so I grab her, scream at her that I'm the bouncer, put her in a full nelson and take her outside the bar... (it occurred to me midway that this was perfect, luckily she had her purse otherwise she'd probably have to go back in) she is giggling and trying to pull down my pants because she is farking nuts... so I make out with her, her keys fall out, so I yell at her that I'm taking her home and putting her to sleep.

She's agreeing but still dancing screaming so loud that it's a good idea since she hit a person earlier that day or something. I'm wearing a bandana so I literally tie it around her mouth so she can't speak. She could probably speak but she's having fun just biting on it and drooling all over herself, her hands are free so she can take it off so it didn't make THAT much sense. This is such a scene, one of her co-workers is asking if she is alright and standing there watching. I just say "I'm her brother... she's fine. She's going home now." Heather is just laughing so most of the people aren't concerned that she's being kidnapped or whatever.

We jump into her car and she's screaming 15 different things she wants to do: from driving to Vegas with me, to going home, to "there's a handgun in the glove compartment let's go shoot minorities (she is half mexican or spanish.. this person is nuts). She's trying to open the glove compartment but it's locked... thank God.

I find her GPS and just press "HOME" on it and turn up the music so she can't shout over it and start massaging her pussy... she shuts up finally. We get to her place (it was 9 minutes away). I didn't screen the logistics too hard earlier, but she did mention "my roommates will like you" and I don't see her roommates being more alpha than she is. So I went with it.

Thankfully it was smooth sailing from there, I wasn't making any noise as we went into her place but she kept whispering "SHHHHHH... you have to be quiet, my neighbors farking hate us." (gee I wonder why...) Once I got her inside it was a done deal and the energy was perfect... all the state control I did actually turned into a really smooth transition. This chick is an insane individual.

Lessons Learned:
* My own state is the difference between me having a great night or a dreadful night.
* Social proof is big, even in a college-ish/halloween scene once that is established, rapport stuff seems to work for me.
* Invented bouncer bounce technique.
* Heather is truly out of her mind.