LR: You arenít a TomBoy Andrea quick lay 1-23-2009

This was one of my fastest pulls since I started this stuff. I'd say this girl is a HB7.5-8. She could be hotter, if she got a makeover. Got her home in less than an hour. That's a record for me when I've taken a car. Her friends didn't get in the way at all.

I saw this chick that was very naturally pretty, she was talking to 2 guys and I just walked over and started talking louder than they. Since Iím being more aggressive Iím not even friendly to some people anymore... back about a month ago I didn't quite 'get it' and I was talking to groups when I already had my target hooked. I went up to this chick and just said ďHi.Ē I told her I learned an interesting fact today that women have smaller brains than men. I told her that I have a bigger brain than she did and then apologized for making fun of her. She got the joke and started ask me stuff about myself.. I just withheld information about where I've been, etc. etc. and some Fluff after. We exchange names. Hi Chris, Hi Andrea. I met her other friend, a tiny cute Indian Chick I think. Did small talk, she played college basketball at St. Maryís.

Seeing that I needed to work harder. I decided to really start firing, "Okay, don't take this the wrong way, and you are really a pretty girl... but you need to hang out with this girl (her friend) more. She's going to take you shopping. You need a makeover Andrea. What the hell are you wearing??? I mean the color works and all, but you aren't a farking Tomboy anymore Andrea. No, you are a pretty girl." I grab her hair and mess it up. "Put your farking hair down." I grab her waist right on the belt line. "You have a beautiful waistline. Why the fark are you wearing this poncho? Are you kidding me? It doesn't rain in San Diego."

It's hard to describe how I said this... it wasn't 'angry' but I didn't have a smile on my face either. It was sort of like "okay... if you want to live your life this way, good luck."

She is completely silent, almost a little upset, I'm not sure. But she's letting me touch her. So I take her over to some other girls, they are attractive girls... I say to them, "How pretty is this girl? She's so pretty. Matter of fact, she could be so so so pretty." They all agree. I tell Andrea, ďitís hot Iím gonna step outside, come with meĒ

I don't let go of Andrea and I walk her to the door of the bar. I take her just outside. I said, "Sorry. But you needed to hear that." and started making out with her. She was like in shock the entire time. I think this was really confusing for her. I take her for a stroll in the direction of my car. I say I want ice cream drive toward my apartment, about 1.5 miles away. The sexual tension died down a little bit because she started talking so I turned up the radio and put my hand on the inside of her thigh and slowly started rubbing near her pussy. I got her back to the apartment no problem.. When I got back, I introduced her to my harp seal stuffed animal just hit her with a pillow and it was on.

So now, I'm actually going to try and go back to sleep -- she woke me up because she was snoring and I wrote this... she still needs a makeover though haha