Hey guys,
I got a field report. It happened like right now in the bus. It happened very quick. Like in 5 minutes. So, that's the reason I couldn't get in anywhere.

So, here is what happened. I got into the bus and there is a girl sitting right in front of me (its middle of the bus, so we are facing each other). She looks at me for a second. Immediately, I make an eye contact. She was going to look down but she changes her mind - starts smiling back. I open, "what are these gloves for?" She doesn't hear me, so she takes her earplugs out and we start talking. It was a pretty chill conversation.

Every time we finish one topic (this is my mistake), she starts smiling at me. I wanted to do some kinda qualifier but im not that experienced to be able to handle a situation like that - the girl had the most innocent smile I have ever seen. I felt bad for even spitting game on her So, I started to ask her about her major and where she lives. She lives right next to my dorm, so im gonna try to see her on dinner today

Then the bus stops. This whole thing happened in like 5-6 minutes. Its funny to see how little time went but at the moment it was the longest conversation As, I am going to leave: "Alright. I gotta go. Whats your name?" She tells me her name. "Im gonna try to find you on Facebook, so you should give me your last name too." She does it. I haven't looked her up. I was thinking what I should've done better. And I should've given her a nickname. And make it funny. Something like: "Whats your name? Actually wait... Lets give you a nickname. Between us though ok? You are the girl with the funny gloves"

It feels really good to know how much the attitude, body language, delivery helps. I really did find my best self. I have actually closed a girl even if thats a fb-close. Getting better!