Tonight I decided to try out this weekly pua self improvement class. Its was very helpful but the reason I decided to go was to find a wing man and that I did. After class me, iggy and 2 other dudes went out and worked on our Approach Anxiety..we kept doing stupid and asking people random questions and just having fun. We decided to get food, after five minutes of being in the place this very nice 2 set in nyc for vacation from holland walks in hot! we're all setting there with the same thing on our minds, iggy starts to get quite and gets this funny look on his face like he just shat himself. Next thing you know, he gets up and starts walking towers the set...he came back a few minutes later with a facebook close? Lol...and as we walk out I saw them getting him IOIs and he said bye to them and we went on our we're walking down 8th ave, I spot a 2 set not as hot as iggys set, but pretty hot...I'd say a 7 and an I asked everyone to stay outside so I would have a time restraint and walked right up to them and I did the crazy girl friend opener. midway through this, I was fighting very very hard not to get neurosis but at one point my anxiety got the best of me, at this point I stopped right in the middle of my sentences and went into panic mode, I looked down and played to off by grading a chair and said "hold on I'm going to take a sit"..7 takes her coat off the chair, as soon as she did the I felt welcomed and I was no longer neurosis what so ever. I finished the opener and then asked them what they think and the 7 just started chatting anyway. So, I ignored the hb8 and focused on the the 7 making sure I kept eye contact and it turned into a conversation...then, the hb8 tried to but in and I acknowledged her bye making EC and saying "oh" and turned right back to the 7...then I notice my buddies walk into the coffee shop or what ever we were in. The 7 took and phone called and walked away and it was just me and the HB she gave her thoughts about "the crazy girlfriend" and we kept going back a forth, during the convention I droped DHVs very very smoothly and then she asked me how old I was and I told her to guess, and she guess right and I asked her how old she is and she said she's much older and asked me how old I think she is. I didn't miss a beat and said 30 LOL then she said no, I'm 26...then, the 7 came back and my buddy decided to jump in...he ran this ring game thing on them and it worked great..the hb kept telling me shes a bad girl, cool what ever works lol then I said something relating to the topic and the 7 says "I'm sorry, I have a boyfriend" and I said what? (in a playful way) I didn't even say anything to do with that what the hell are you talking about? There must be something on your mind...then she started laughing and said "wow, you just completely turned that around". idk...women lol...then then I kept trying to drop the hit to by buddy that its time to go but they both kept trying to keep us there to I got up and said, we come to the city a lot we should exchange numbers...the 7 said "ill take your number and my friend budded in and said he doesn't gave his number away and I said yea I don't then I pointed to the hb and said but u can have it, idk why...but lucky, she asked if I can just take her number so I did and kept talking to the 7 as she stored it in my phone...we said goodbye and walked away as they kept trying to keep the conversation going I looked over my shoulder and smiled and the hb said be good tonight...later I looked at her number and she stored it as Joty Meow