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Thread: [FR] Whole party got sarged :) but still have a wrong attitude :(

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    Default [FR] Whole party got sarged :) but still have a wrong attitude :(

    Hello guys,
    We started to go to a friends girlfriends apartment for a party. The party was small. Like around 20 girls and 20 guys. We came in like 15 mixed group of people. Everyone started going for the keg. But as I get in, i saw them playing "F*ck the dealer". If anyone doesn't know what it is (--= Fuck the Dealer =--). Here is the link. I go up and tell the people that I wanna play too. They agree.

    (I am gonna write 2 major approaches I did. Others are just me having fun and building my social status in the venue)

    First approach - HB8. The owner's best friend:
    She starts staring at me and my friend who were just standing there.

    Me: Heeeeey!
    HB8 (friendly handshake): Hello. My name is HB8.
    Me: Nice to meet you. Im not gonna tell you my name though
    HB8: Why not?
    Me: Cz you won't remember it and that will piss me off.
    HB8: I am good at remembering interesting names.
    Me: Alright. Ready. Give me your hand.
    *she gives me her hand*
    Me: Nerd
    *shes the dealer in the game now. and its my turn*
    HB8: Which number?
    Me: 8! (got it on the first try. She needs to drink the whole cup. She starts to defy. So, I start to make the whole group to join me and we kept telling her "DRINK DRINK" :P)

    After some time of playing. I turn to her:
    Me: Hey. Lets play a game. If you lose, youre gonna fill that cup for me
    HB8: Alright.
    Me: Here are the rules. I am gonna ask you 5 questions. You need to answer all of them wrong. I am not gonna ask anything ridiculous that you weren't able to answer. (its good to say that sentence because it kinda gets their focus). Have you played that game before?

    I have tried this exact line probably over 30 girls. She was the only one who said "Yes". I go "youre good "

    We continue playing the game. In around 15 seconds and turn to her: "Do you guys only serve beer in this party? (i know that its true)"
    HB8: Yes
    Me: Alright. Go fill my cup then. You lost
    *compliance she does it. She kinda gets pissed about it so.
    I don't know why but I don't care about it. When the game ends I go to talk to others. I talk to her in the end of the party cz one of the guys next to her asks me about my philosophy. I explain it to them a little bit and the girl starts giving crazy amount of IOIs.*

    Second approach: HB8 - Really cute college freshman.
    When I was playing beer pong and talking to girls, These 3 girls came to party later. They were passing by me. Strong eye contact. I sent her an air kiss and smiled. She sends it back, smiles. I keep playing my game. When I finished it. I go talk to a girl who starts a conversation with me. We talk for like 10 minutes. A lot of Kino going on with this girl. Then as I always do, I puss out.

    I go talk to my friend there for a little bit. Then, I see her standing there talking to this guy. I Interrupt.

    Me: You were the girl who send me that air kiss back.
    HB8: Yes.
    Me: I actually have a story about that. Its really funny. I was walking by starbucks. And you know the starbucks on Green St. have that big window and people sitting there, surfing the internet. There was a really cute girl sitting there and she started to stare at me and my friend. So, we both look at her and smile. Then, I sent her an air kiss. It was really funny. I knew I made her day by the big cute smile she sent us (this story actually happened. It was really funny)
    HB8: You made my day too.
    Me: What is your name? Actually write it down on my phone. *I open the add contact form in my phone. she writes her name down. the she goes like*
    HB8: Do you want me write you my phone too?
    Me: Sure.
    *then i text her my name. She adds the contact*
    Me: Text me up. You seem pretty fun. We are going to lunch together tomorrow. See if you can keep up with me

    Then we small talk and i go away to sarge other girls. I come back. I notice that she that "X" sign written with a sharpie on her hand. In frats, they put it on your hand so you "can't drink" She was holding a beer too.

    Me: Hey. Wait a second. You are underage. You can't drink. (big smile right here).
    *i would never believe that it was going to happen. She complies. She puts the drink to a side. Then I immediately start to do sensual kino. She still complies and sometimes she initiates the kino too. It was great. She starts to teach me that mexican dance. It was awesome. We were both holding hands and I was kinda massaging her finger the whole time. Then we start chit chatting while I rub her arm and back. I will sometimes hug her with one hand around her waist and kiss her on the cheek. She would do the same sometimes. Her friends saw me and her touching each other and stuff. I see them. Immediately,*
    Me: Heeeeeey! What are you girls names are?
    *i start talking to them. Target is still under my arms*
    Me: I like your friend. She is really fun.
    Them: I like her too.
    *at this time I thought one of them said. I like you too*
    Me: What you like me?? :/
    She: No. I said I like her.
    Me: Oh alright. I was going to say "you don't even know me" lol.
    *they leave and I start kinoing and talking to her more. her friends sometimes turn to me and I would give them a smile. They would smile back and leave us*

    Alright. The messed up part is, That was the end of it. I did not close. I know the reason why too. Not because I am afraid or anything. Just because I feel evil. I don't know. I start to care about other people when I went through this whole process. I don't understand how to get rid of that. I do everything but then I would go like "I don't wanna do this" and leave. Please help me out on that. Sometimes I even tell myself "I don't wanna ruin her life". It usually happens when a girl is super nice to me and when she gives me a cute smile. I take it as "shes innocent and I shouldn't touch her" instead of "i should make out with her RIGHT FREAKING NOW!" I wrote about that in the other forum. So, I really need help trying to get rid of it.


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    Default Re: [FR] Whole party got sarged :) but still have a wrong attitude :(

    You have the wrong idea about girls, if she went through all that with you. SHE WANTS YOU. Don't be a Pu$$y

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