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    Default Kino's 30 Girls Project 3 of 30

    Out with J on Saturday and I see this beautiful, girl. On a rare occasion I see a woman that I simply must have. I don't hafta think about my approach it just happens. I feel compelled. She was one of those girls. She was a representation of my definition of beauty.

    I lean slightly and ask her what she is drinking, she smiles and says something. We make small talk about her drink and she asks my name. I tell her Kino and ask hers, she replies Stephanie. I tell her that out of all the Stephanies.... that I have met at Maloney's.... tonight, she is the coolest. She laughs and tells me thanks, I make her feel special.

    She gets her drinks and leaves the bar. After a little while I see her walking through and she looks at me and smiles and looks away quickly. J, and I spot her and another attractive girl on the patio. I walk up and say, "OMG, it's been so long, how have you been?" I turn toward her friend and say "me and this girl go way back. She looks surprised and goes really, I smirk and say yeah, 5 or 6 minutes.

    Anyway, i'm gonna fast forward here because as it turns out. We got into conversation and despite this girl being nearly flawless she was so boring. Our conversation was interesting because I had interesting topics, but "snooze". One funny thing that did happen is that I had sarged her and her sister (the girl sitting with her) a year earlier and got both of their numbers. Then I remembered thinking she was boring then too. Anyway, I number closed but I don't think it's worth a follow up. Too look like that and be as entertaining as a wheat toast, what a shame. On a side note, J had a lot of fun with the sister. She was the polar opposite of stephanie.

    Dang guys, I feel like I owe you guys an exciting sarge. These first 3 have been blah.

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    Default Re: Kino's 30 Girls Project 3 of 30

    LMAO. Man, you are so smooth. I am going to be like you one day.

    But I definitely know what it's like to see someone who is so gorgeous... yet so boring. What a let down, huh?

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