A friend who I'm not on very good terms with, invites me to dinner in celebration of his birthday and also to spend the night if I wasn't busy. I accepted, and arrived at the party. Upon entering the room, I excitedly greet the host and friends who I am aquainted with. I make comments on the nature of the dinner, as he had left details out. As we make our way towards the limo, I talk with him, and ask about the other girls. By being inclusive in terms of the people I converse with, the other girls get a feeling of curiosity. I can feel it. (dhv). By even faking a strong relationship with someone, you can charismatically attract others with a magnetic-like personality that is both expressive, dynamic, yet secretive at times. This is what I call Social Dynamics which I believe is already an established term. As we sit down for dinner, I continue to conduct myself in this charismatic manner. I find myself across from an HB 8, and as the dinner went slow at first, partly because most of them don't know one another and remain in their cliche groups, I talk to the people next to me, intently, and with purpose. Inner game played a huge role in this evening. As we were served dinner, I negged the target without introduction, acknowledgement other than eye contact in saying things like "I'll bet you're a messy eater. But you're putting up a great show so far!" and "you don't eat much, do you?" I can tell she's already attracted, and although I continue conversing with others, she's hooked. Listening intently to every words I say, and paying special attention when I whisper in someone's ear. The dinner goes well. On the way back to the Limo, I didn't do anything special, but I continued spreading my attention and energy towards everyone in the room, sort of leaving her isolated and neglected. (A contrast from the exclusive attention she received whilst dining across from me). This rapport, or dynamism is at the core of the game. Keeping them hooked.

Next we watch a movie. After some failed planning on the hosts part (my supposed wingman) we decide to settle down and watch a movie. She is on the bed while everyone else is on the floor, and here is a tiny slot between her and another guy, so I slip in there, not saying anything, and tell them to scootch over. This was a high risk movement when one takes into consideration the circumstances (I didn't know many of them well, I wasn't close with ANY of them) , but such is the way of the game. If you want a close, you go in for the kill. Simple as that. And the 3 second rule applies very much at this point. Think too much, and you're past the point of no return. As we watchd a movie, I scootched in closer, and then my friends, seeing what we're up to, conveniently slide inbetween us, and talk to me. I, after confirming their conjecture, beg them to switch places with me so I can sit next to HB, and they agreee. They then help me by saying that "we should play a game where everyone holds hands!" and despite their douchey maneuver, I found it easy to forgive them. As I held her hands, I commented on how soft they were. Keep in mind she wasn't the talkative type who comments on everything. It was as if I had to work too hard to get her to say anything. I then moved something over our laps, and then resorted to playing the "nervous game" in which you slide your hands further and further up the thigh. As I was right next to her, I whispered, asking if she was nervous as I slid my hand further and further. Soon I found myself fingering her through her jeans. "Am I there yet?" I crooned as I started letting my fingers work their magic. She toyed with me, not giving a direct answer. But I already knew, I could tell in the way she was feeling, she moaned and started moving rhythmically with my fingers. I then leaned over, and asked if she would like to kiss me. (Thanks Mystery ;]) "I don't know.....if you want to......" BAM -K close. And it had only been 4 or 5 hours. Later we ended up playing a truth or dare game. And I was to take her to another room to give her a strip tease. I ended up bluffing that the lights went out as a lousy excuse to make out with her. After, the others caught on to our secret deeds, and kept a watchful eye on us. We were back on the bed, fingering through her jeans, and what not. I realized how late it was getting, and also that none of the females were sleeping over. Finally after getting her turned on, I asked if she wanted to make out, (she had previously stated she was leaving at 10 or 11). Apparently, we both had one thing on our minds.....

We went into the next room, and I got her to lay down, and make out with me. I am a somewhat tall guy, and advice for any of the taller PUA's out there- find a proportionate girl! My crotch went to her thighs, and "robert" didn't get much action. Cutting the shit, I got to make out, explore her bosom with my tongue, and almost got to finger her, but I could understand not wanting a strangers hands in your pants. I didn't oblige, as I couldn't have asked for more after only knowing her for 6 hours. She had to leave, and she tried to kiss me goodbye, but I only let her peck me on the cheek. and that was that.

No # close, no F-close, interesting eh?

Point- Charisma, DHV, and the push/pull method along with a couple of negs, and strong inner game can go a long way. Who needs games when they're longing already?