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    Default LR: Skier Jamie HB9 (sept 20 2009)

    HB9: Jamie Olympic Skier (September 2009)

    One the first day of my talk to 100 chicks experiment, on the very first approach I met an odd-ball hot girl, Jamie. At the Nike store at the Grove in Los Angeles, I saw a girl that was in REALLY good shape. Pretty face, well developed ass, beautiful smile. Looked great for 29.

    There’s a lot of these girls in LA, but you mainly have to meet them during the day. The club chicks aren’t usually in good shape, even though they are thin.

    I simply walked up to Jamie and told her that “I know this is a little random, I thought you were attractive and I wanted to see what she was like.” She had a very positive reaction. She said thank you and told me what she was doing (shopping for under-amour shirts or something) and asked my name and what I was up to.

    Okay, so this chick was interested right off the bat. Normally, I’d shake her her hand tell her “nice handshake, you want to be my bodyguard,” but this girl seemed to like me so I didn’t need to spit game at her. I told her my name and told her that I came to the Mall to steal “Splenda packets” (splenda is an artificial sweetener that restruarants and coffee houses have). She loved the joke and knew exactly what I was talking about since she obviously watched what she ate. She talked about her diet, told me she lived in Venice (Venice Beach) and that pro bodybuilders come to her gym. Again, normally I’d tease her and call her a “meathead,” but she liked me and I didn’t need to throw game at her.

    We talked for another 10 minutes or so, she was nurse at the hospital in Westwood (UCLA) and was going to work that night at 10pm. I said cool, lets talk soon and I took her number. After I took her number she asked what I was doing that night and said she could meet up before work at about 8:30pm for some food. I decided to turndown her request since she would have gotten me trapped in some sort of dinner date and she had work a 10pm so I wouldn’t have much time to bang her. She was surprised that I turned her down, I said “don’t worry we’ll talk later this week.” She said “okay,” I said “Cheer up.” And squeezed her butt (wow, this chick was in great shape. She smiled and said “good.” This notable because I didn’t physically escalate on her since she already seemed to like me so much. But after she wanted to go out on a short ‘date’ I needed to test her and show her that if she got together with me, she’d be getting than some food.
    This was a great start to my social experiment, totally hot chick and she was really into me.
    Here’s where things turn weird- for the rest of the night Jamie is texting me over and over. “Hi how are you?” “Chris, whats up?” “I might have time after work in the morning to get coffee.” I just give her one word answers, delayed 60 minutes each. “im good, how are u,” “nothing much,” “nah ill be asleep then.”
    I’m not ending up on a date where she leaves after. I’m going to set up our ‘date’ and it will end with her on my bed with her legs up in the air.

    The next night the SAME thing happened, Jamie is texting me every 30 minutes, “whats up Chris?” “how was your day?” “the cutest baby just came into the hospital,” and then again, “hey let’s do coffee when I get off work, or meet me on my break for 20 minutes.”
    I texted her, “chill crazy girl, I’ll see you soon, I’ll call u sometime soon, sit tight.”
    She said, “okay sorry”
    The risk I run here is not getting too her when she was super interested. But it seems that she kept pushing for ‘date’ or putting me in some situation that I don’t want. I might have gone for this a few years, but now not. I know what I’m doing.
    I call her on the 11th and unfortunately she can’t meet up with me within the next 48 hours and I tell her that I can’t visit her at work. I say, no big deal.. we’ll talk soon.
    Over the next week, we texted some more.
    On the 17th I sent her a sexually charged test “hey sexy bitch,” she replied “☺“ and I called her right away. She picked up and I asked if she missed me and was staring at her phone for the past week hoping I’d call. Haha. The reason I threw some game at her was because it had been over a week since we met, she liked me but I wanted to get her excited about me again. It worked.. a little goes a long way.
    We agreed to meet up on the 20th, my usually come over to my place and we’ll get coffee date/meet up.
    On the afternoon of the 20th I texted her, “just reminding u that we are meeting up at 830tonight, so you should start getting ready at 2pm. Muscle butt”
    Muscle butt the nickname I gave to her a few day before
    She responded that she was excited.

    She showed up right at 8pm… jeez she’s hot. Normally, I show the girl the place and go get ice cream/coffee… but since she was so into me, I thought I’d just try to bang her ASAP. I put her on my lap within 60 seconds of her coming in. She gave me some body language that I was moving too quick. Usually I would just ignore this and try again, but I said, “hey lets get some food, it’s a nice out.” Which it was, Los Angeles is sooo nice in September.

    We walked to café primo. The good thing about this place is that you pay separately and they bring you the food. Its right outside of Equinox fitness, H&M, Sunset Blvd. and it has couches on the outside and you can ‘people watch’. I was hungry and she said she was too. For some reason she just got ice-tea to drink. So I fed her some of my salad (haha yeah, the Caesar salad is good).

    Like all my date, I start escalating harder once I’m about halfway through the ‘date’ portion. I sat there playing with her hair and massaging her, she didn’t stop me. After dinner I told her to give me a stick of gum and she had one too. We started walking back to the house. On the way, I pushed her up against a wall and started kissing her. She loved it. I did that a few times on the way back to the house. It’s about 3 blocks. She was wearing heals and her feet hurt so I give her a piggy-back ride for the last block.
    I told her she could come in for about 10 minutes. She was sort of confused, but I just took her into the house, into my room, closed the door. Hit her with a pillow, she hit me back and I tackled her on my bed (big brother routine) and started kissing her. Smooth sailing from there, I took her pants off first, before her shirt. I said I wanted her dance and tease me with her ‘well developed bubble butt’ she was happy to oblige. I turned on ‘womanizer’ and she danced. As she danced I took off my pants and started jerking off, making SURE she saw my d1ck (which had gotten pretty big since I was doing the exercises again and popped a cialis). After her dance I undressed her fully and started eating her pussy… tasted wonderful. Great hygiene, athletic girl.. wonderful!!!! Put her legs in the air, her pussy was ready to go and I banged the hell out of her.

    Jamie was a real alpha girl, I made sure this ENTIRE situation was under my control and that she knew to be submissive. She said has never met a guy that she felt so comfortable with and guys are usually intimidated by her.
    Update: After banging her another 2 times, I got to learn about her. She didn’t have a lot of friends and talked a lot of sh1t on her girlfriends.. she was looking for a boyfriend I think and would be VERY mad if we didn’t get together the day after we had sex. I eventually just stopped talking to her. She’d text me from time to time, but I never texted her back. I think I told her, “hey I can’t be a relationship anytime soon, you’re cool kidd, lemme know if you just want to chill sometime.” Turns out, my friend had some money stolen when he left his wallet in his bathroom and we think she took it. So I never called her again.

    ++ sorry if the grammar sucks, I don't proofread the lay reports, it should be okay though
    all the texts -- they looked EXACTLY as I wrote them in here

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    Default Re: LR: Skier Jamie HB9 (sept 20 2009)

    Wow, Good Looking Loser, this is my eventual goal. FauxPas here. I'm going to read this post over several times! There is a lot of good material in this post I can learn, and incorporate into my own beginers form of game. I do hope to find more posts here on the forum from you. Hey guys of the expert class, if you have posts like this do let me know, good info for me. Good info for all. Good luck, and good vibes. Ciao, FauxPas.


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