So I was at the gym with a friend and saw this hot milf doing some weight machine, so I told my friend ''After this set (I'm talking about a weight lifting set im going in'' Anyway I procrastinated quite a bit but finally I was like -Fuark this, and I went up to her and asked ''Can we alternate on the machine'' then told her she looked good, not the best game ever.

So I went back to my friend and I was like 'Fuark, that's not good enough'' So after a bit more procrastination, I went to the machine opposite her (which was for training back) and said ''Let me cut the games, I'm not even training back today, I just came here because I think you are very attractive'' I kept good eye contact and was confident.

Then I used some lines like ''With those gloves on I cant see if you have a ring on?'' Then she said she was single. And at this point Im thinking ''I'm a dam natural''

So she asked ''How old r u'' I said 23, (I'm really 20) Then told her ''Its impolite to ask a woman her age so I'm gonna guess 30 (she was def a bit older.
Anyway she told me that she has a son my age and I asked for her no and she said no.

Here is the cool part, after the encounter I was very satisfied with myself because even though I did not get her number, if your cynical you could say I got ''rejected''

But going up to her means that the most important person didnt reject me, myself. This is the beginning of the 1000 woman sarge. wish me luck gents!

Any tips dudes?

Positive mind-set-wins.