I am a freshman in college, and here is my story: Last night I decided to go hangout with some of my buddies and then head down to a dance party at a club.
The first half of the night started off good, me and 8 other guys hung out for at a friends then headed to the club. (I planned to take a girl back to my dorm)

As we walk into the club I see plenty of girls and guys dancing, we walk out to the edge of the floor and check it out, I look around and then see a blonde HB8, I make eye contact and ask her if she wants to dance, she says yeah and I take her hand and walk out to the floor, we dance for ten minutes then she sees a guy that came with me who she already knew, so she goes to hang out with him (no big deal, I think they have hooked up before)
After that i go back to the edge of the floor where my friends are, two HB7'S start dancing right in front of me and my friend and staring making eye contact, but my friend was scared and didn't want to dance, I wait another 5 minutes and then I see an HB8 standing by the wall and I ask her to dance she says no and then some guy comes out and puts his arm around her, so i let that one go. Then i see my old roommates ex girlfriend (we have hooked up years ago) I grabbed her and we start dancing, that went on for fifteen minutes, she kept giving me IOI'S. (Sliding my hands closer to her, etc.) After that we go outside and I talk to her and her friend, then I start using kino and rubbing the back of her neck ( Is that to much to fast?) Then we go back in and dance some more. when were done she says she can give me a ride home, I get in a car with her and other girls, all HB7.'S AND HB8'S. But the best looking one sits on my lap. ( This is where I need advice) i start rubbing her legs and she doesn't give and IOD'S, I continue until we get back to the parking lot, She says shes hot and wants to get out and walk back ( I take this as my signal to walk with her) as were walking I lose my energy level and the conversation goes down hill. She gives me one opening to make a move, she says this dress is to revealing I shouldn't be wearing it, (That was my chance to make a move, but I didn't) we continue to talk about nothing imporant and once we get into the lobby she SEES A GUY SHE KNOWS ON THE ELEVATOR AND GETS ON ANS HUGS HIM, THIS GUYS IS A FRIEND OF A GUY WHO LIVES ON MY FLOOR, WE ALL RIDE UP TOGETHER AND SHE GOES TO THE ROOM HE IS STAYING AT ON MY FLOOR! Later I see one guy leave the room (not the one she hugged) I asume they slept together. I then call my friends ex girlfriend and she says she has an early class in the morning and is going to bed, I text her later, and get no response, I go to bed alone and feeling like an AFC.

My Questions are:

What could I have done better to bring either one of the girls back to my dorm?

What are some techniques I could use in these situations?