Ok, this is my first trip report ever and I am gonna try to be detail oriented since there can be a lot of valuable lessons here. If it were a football game, I fumbled, threw interceptions, missed a few throws, but eventually recovered. There are lessons about frame control, positive attitude, remembering routines, handling negs, managing friends, handling AMOGs, how to kiss, and how to act after kissing etc

Meetup Group:
I signed up for a Singles Meetup group. I dressed nice with a white hat, white jacket, and white shoes...a little peacocking. But the first mistake I did was arrive more than an hour late. By then everybody had formed groups and "wagon-wheels"--facing each other in circles. I was like WTF, I can't talk to anyone! I tried to open a couple of groups asking if they were from the Meetup group and they answered Yes and went right back to their conversation. My self-confidence was taking a battering...

I walked around the room like 3 times and finally found a "5" sitting all by herself at the bar. Started a conversation. She was waiting for her boyfriend to come but at least she was talkative. (Didn't run any routines on her) I put a friendly smile and pretended to have a lot of fun. This worked like a charm because soon an "8" came by and opened us! She was funny but quite dominating in conversation. But while we 3 were having a good conversation, this fucking dude came by, stood next to her, and kept staring at her. I was thinking, what a creep but strangely, she started looking at him while talking and he soon took over my place. And I turn to the 5, who in turn, stood up to leave the bar. So one moment I am talking to 2 girls and the very next, I am all alone. I went for a smoke outside to calm down my nerves and also curse myself.

I came back and saw these 2 pretty girls, one was a 9. I was thinking about how to open them when a nerd walked up to them and started the conversation. So more walking around the bar with a fake confident smile. Then as I was pondering the meaning of life, those 2 girls walked by me and I did a "cheers" with my drink. They stopped and we started talking. I was engaging both but was focused on the prettier one. Soon she started busting my balls about my hat, my accent, and whatever she could pick on. For a moment, I took it the wrong way and took the Negs seriously. Then I pushed her shoulder away from me a couple of times, while laughing. Then the next time, I poked her gently in her stomach. And man it was rock hard. Then we started talking about gym, organic food, soccer etc. She talked about having been to Sweden. I talked about my trip Germany for the World Cup so there was some mutual showing-values. And she was wearing a "Bebe" tight blouse. So I asked her friend if it's pronounced "bee-bee" or "bay-bay" but I sent a subtle message I was looking at her breasts. Then I asked her what she does and she said "a programmer" and then she joked she carries a "protractor". Then my cock took over my brain and I blurted out," Are those big breasts or you're just carrying a pocket protractor?" !!!
I was worried like hell but surprisingly she got turned on. She looked at me quizzically and I acted as if what I said was no big deal. I held steady eye contacts. Then she closed me by saying,"Are you gonna ask me to dance?"

First Kiss:
Now, I knew I was in the end-zone. A touchdown would be a fuck close but I knew I could at least get a field-goal for 3 points (a Kiss here). We were dancing and I did a little grinding right away to show I am not scared of her. But just for like 10 seconds and then I withdrew. Then I leaned forward and smelled her neck slowly and said"just wanted to see if you are wearing a perfume". She said,"Nah..I am not the girly type." After 2 seconds, I had a great segway: "Does that mean you are or you are not a good kisser?"
Her: "I don't know how to answer that"
Me: "Maybe we should find out" (with a smile and looking directly her lips)

She leaned forward and we kissed. After about 30 seconds of deepm slow French kissing, I pulled back and said," Not bad at all"!.She laughed heartily. I was Mr. Smooth now.

Ok, this is quite long. If you folks find it useful, I will write the next part (how I handled well the after-kiss situation, got AMOGed and almost lost the girl, recovered, said goodbye to her (her friend had to leave), and kissed a second girl)