This is my first field report, but it was a pretty big step for me so I thought I'd write a field report about it.
So last Saturday night I was at a friend's band's gig to start the night, and I was keen to kick on to a club after but the idea wasn't getting much interest from friends there. I texted around and couldn't find any mates up for going, so I just thought, fark it, I'll head to the club anyway. Once there I quickly threw down a couple of beers then made my way to the dance floor. I was just dancing as I normally would if my mates were there but being careful not to look like a loner. Within about 3 mins a girl was grinding on me..I conventionally hate this, as this is not how I approach on the dance floor and I couldn't see her face to rate her. When I finally did, I politely ejected from the situation, but my confidence was up now. A couple if minutes later I was having a corny dance off with this cute girl and kiss closed her. She then took my drink and ran off, but I stayed put and kept dancing and she was back in no time. After she left I kiss closed another girl on the dance floor...I stayed with her 'til the joint closed. Overall, solid takings from a night that once upon a time I would've let fizzle out into nothing.