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    Default 1 year on this journey as a PUA

    So I have been in the game for 1 year after coming off a long ass relationship with my first gf and just wanted to chart my progress, identify my sticking points and gauge whether people feel my output for my first year in the game is passable. First off I should make it clear that i've only been looking to score as much as I can, not for a relationship. Basically as it stands I kiss close at least 1 girl about 75% of the time I go out (probably go out like twice a week). My day game is effectively non-existent and I pretty much never approach women. I'd say 95% of my hook ups are from the dance floor, so that aspect of my game is definitely solid. I slept with 6 girls and there were probably 2-3 others that I did other stuff with but couldn't break through the LMR. None were what I'd consider 10s, but a couple were at least as good as or better than my ex. I definitely need to improve the transition from hooking up to going further as I've lost several opportunities during this period. I'd be satisfied if I could double my output this coming year. What sort of numbers are you experienced gamers seeing?

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    Default Re: 1 year on

    Don't worry about what other numbers everyone else is getting. Set your own goals based on what you want and effectively evaluate yourself. Just keep going out and working on having a good time and what works the best. The more repetition the better you get.

    I probably have the strangest goals myself. I do not enjoy just sleeping with a woman for one night or a LTR with sleeping with the same girl. Came to realize I enjoy the part of dating most experience in the first 3 months where the dopamine feels your brain and you lust for that person, where sex is the best. I try to get to this point with two or three girls where I'm honest I am not in for a LTR, but enjoy them and our great moments.

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