Met a girl on Wednesday night at a small bar close to my condo. Opened with something funny talked for just a couple minutes and then went back to my table with my buddies (who are not PUA's) Waited till later in the evening, she walked up to the bar to order a drink so I walked over and started talking to her again. We talked for a little while got comfortable and exchanged numbers. Said goodnight, I had to work the next morning

She texted me the next day while I was at work. Found out more about eachother. She just moved to town a few months ago. She still doesn't know very many people and doesn't know the area. She's from Iowa. Corn bred and corn fed or whatever... this girl is hot so they must be doing something right over ther! Lol

Waited a few days to talk to her again. Asked her to hang out on Tuesday night (Valentines day) which I didn't even think about! Luckily she didn't think it was a "will you be my valentine" thing either! Went out for a drink, talked for a couple hours. Then we walked to my house had a beer, talked more, and I played her a song on my guitar. It went good!

I told her she had to go because I had to work early. I walked her to her car and got the first kiss there. It was a good one, it would have gotten more serious quickly! I did this for two reasons 1. I had to work at 5am the next day and 2. I made out with her hella hard and sent her home wanting more! This proved to be a successful tactic because we hung out again last night and she is way into me now!

Now I just have to be a man and not let it turn into some serious relationship too quickly like I always do! Anyways, successful mission reported!

Thanks team!
Your wing, Brantonio