Hi all

I am basically looking for a wingman in OC area. I personally live in UCI area. But, if you are interested, we can hang out anywhere in LA/OC in the weekend. If you are around UCI area, maybe we can work in UCI college setting... always wanting to do that.

I am Asian dude, so it will be great if you are also an Asian, since you know, we probably have more common challenges and stuff. But, really, I am open to anyone.

About me: I am in my 30s. Professional occupation. Had some lucks in the past on PU. Probably on the scale 1-10, my PU skills are 3... that's why need good people to encourage and learn from each others. I am pretty fair, friendly, humble and outgoing -- like to drink, hit the clubs, soccer, basketball, etc I love stock markets as well...

PM me or leave msg here... Thanks !