Iím Mcgoo, Iíve been sarging Daygame for about six months now in Wisconsin, but Iíd like to be in a bigger city, preferably Chicago since itís pretty close, so I can really improve my game. Iím looking for a place to live for the summer (Iím still in collage), and I feel like if I lived with someone who is into pick up, we could motivate each other and bounce ideas off of each other and just really focus and make huge improvements in one summer.

Iíd of course be willing to split rent for the 3 or 4 months Iím there, and Iíll clean up after myself and stuff. If you donít have an extra bedroom I would seriously be willing to share a room or convert a room into a bedroom or even sleep on the couch, I just really want to get good at this sh1t, Iíll do whatever it takes.

Hereís a little about me:
Iím 21 and Iíve been doing daygame for about six months. Iíve approached almost 200 women and got 2 lays, so I am by no means great at this stuff, but Iíll defiantly approach and I can push you to approach. I just turned 21, so Iíll probably start doing night game soon as well. If you want my whole story email me I'll gladly give it to you.

I am seriously looking for anyone, regardless of skill level. If your better than me, Iíll defiantly learn from you and if you no game at all, Iíll do my best to help you out. Whether you want someone to motivate you, a consistent wing, or just someone to split the rent, Iíll be that guy. I just want to get good at this sh1t.

If anyoneís interested, email me, username mcgoopua at gmail