We're intelligent beings and know that rabbits don't appear from hats, levitation isn't possible and sawing someone in half is called sadistic murder. Despite all of this, the illusion allows us to escape our mundane lives for a few fleeting moments. The "idea" that things can exist beyond our comprehension, forces us to believe miracles can happen.

These are the reasons why I had to learn magic. I had to possess this power; this intoxicating ability to influence. The obsession was only enhanced by the movie The Prestige. So I did what any good student would do...I found a teacher.

I refer to him as my magic coach, but inside I think of him as my Jedi Master, my Yoda, my Sensei. He truly is a perfect study of this dark art. I follow every flick of the wrist, swipe of a card and pause in his fluid motion.

After learning some simple yet highly effective tricks I was ready to hit the field. So last night the true test began. Now I will admit that I was a bit nervous. I mean I'm a decent PUA but incorporating magic was kind of like having a 3rd arm; helpful in many ways but still an inconvenience.

So armed (I love double entendres) with a book of matches, deck of cards, a few silver dollar coins and some other items I can't disclose, I left the house on a mission accompanied by my wing Blaine.

One thing I should mention as well is that I was peacocking real hard. I had on a gray fedora and a neon bright purple shirt, that was well tapered to fit my body. Jeans and my infamous high-tops with the tongues exposed. It was a spectacle with just enough curiosity factor that it pushed the limits but didn't scare anyone.

The first lounge we hit was pretty dead. The moment I walked through the door I used some soft approach mechanics on two HB7s just to get warmed up (thanks Mystery). I was met with resistance and was fine with that; they were just burners. I planned to use a card trick on the bartender (hired gun), but both of them were running up and down the line frantic, so I never had a chance to sequester either one of them. I was focused on these hot damsels of the devilish drink because there weren't any other women of value in the house. We left after one drink and went across the street to what seemed like a den of teenie boppers.

The bar was packed with college aged women, who oozed insecurity and lacked a tolerance for anything that wasn't mixed with cranberry juice (not that there's anything wrong with that). After a few minutes we strategically positioned ourselves by the door that led to the back patio. I sniped off two HB8s with dark hair, olive complexion, riding boots on matched with leather jackets. They were like satanic versions of the Doublemint twins, but only sexier. I opened them up by saying "do you believe in magic"? They were a bit confused and said they would come back later on to see my magic trick. EPIC FAIL. At this point I'm saying to myself "fuck this magic shit. This just cost me two opportunities". I would NEVER open a set like this, it's just not my style.

Then two more girls approached and I tried the same maneuver with them. It worked and they sat down and I showed them a trick but they were so drunk that they couldn't even follow me. Some of their AMOGs rolled up and my focus was off and I couldn't diffuse them. This magic thing was really starting to be a serious cock block.

After a few drinks we left and headed back to the first spot. Now the place was packed. Beautiful girls all over, great music and drinks flowing hard. I immediately approached a girl using my own methods; Original Seduction. It worked flawlessly. Here's the breakdown:

1. I enter the building laughing and emitting an aura of confidence and energy. Instantly my state is on Mach 10.
2. I make my way to the back and walk through the crowd (crowd game is a must-know).
3. I see target and I immediately make eye contact. I hold the gaze and stare into her soul. She's now instantly hypnotized and I use trance techniques to take control of her emotion. I apply Kino to her right shoulder. Mind you I haven't said a word yet.
4. I apply my coveted cold shoulder technique and tell her we're going to make beautiful babies and I'll be a supportive father and her a loving mother. We just have incredible genes and are destined to change each other's lives" (hook, line and sinker)...she's intrigued.
5. Now this point is very important. I need to break the emotional suspense and send her a signal that I'm a man in motion so I say "I'm coming back for you". This is all about desire placement.
6. I walk around and watch Blaine work this girl at the back bar. I then purposely walk by my target a few times and pay her no mind. Every time I see her get a little excited and then watch me walk away. I'm a wolf playing with my food right now.
7. Then I finally walk by her and say nothing and in one fluid motion I grab her hand and start walking towards the front bar. Her grip is tight and her step is light. We stand by the bar and I show her a magic trick. I end up number closing her.

This last display was just child's play and now I finally saw how to mesh magic with my style. It's kind of like a lion who realizes that he can kill at will.

Off in the distance I see this beautiful HB9Blond. She's sitting on a little outcrop smoking and I see this as a perfect time to use forced Kino along with my cold shoulder technique. I plan to completely dominate her soul.

1. I approach and make eye contact, hold her gaze and then break it. I sit right beside her so that our shoulders are parallel (she's on my left), then I turn my upper body away from her about 45 degrees.
2. I speak over my shoulder and ask her for a light and I wrap my hands over hers (protecting the flame from the wind), forcing us to have a moment of touch which I purposely hold longer than necessary. I say "thank you" and then go back to my 45 degree angle.
3. Then still in cold shoulder position I say "you have a beautiful ensemble on, but it's really missing something". "What" she asks. I then take my hat off my head and place it on top of her head. She instantly smiles and laughs and has her friend proceed to take a few pictures of us. I know I have her in my grip at this point because her friends tries to cock block so I Disarm her by introducing myself to her and giving her sometime, ignoring my target.
4. Finally my target and I exchange numbers and I'm really into her but of course she'll never know that.
5. I then get up and walk away without saying anything.

Throughout the rest of the night she kept coming up and stealing my hat. I had to get up really early the next morning, so I didn't care to F-close her that night. I told her I was leaving and she stole my hat once again and ran into the ladies bathroom. Right before she got out of my arm's reach, I grabbed her hand and said "I have something very serious to tell you". She was instantly intrigued again.

I decided to pull a memento. I told her that my hat was my favorite out of my collection. That I got it out in Vegas during an insane party and had some crazy stuff happen that night but I would tell her all about it Tuesday night (3 nights later) when we hung out. She instantly agreed. I had her look me in the eyes and promise that she would take care of my hat. She pledged her undying loyalty to me and I left.

Before Blaine and I got back to my house she called me. I love extended play, so this one will be fun.

-Hunter Kino