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    Kassimnova Gable is offline Aspiring PUA
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    Default Experienced, London Wings needed.

    Hello everyone how`s your week flowing?

    My names GABLE, I am a 22 year old, aspiring APUA from West London. I am fairly new to this site, as I`ve just come from attractionforums, which was compiled with non active wings.

    I have been studying game for about a year or so, started off with Styles “The GAME” which I happened to pick up in the library, which got me interested. Curiosity then got the best of me, and so I moved onto Mystery method, Venusians arts. I have not had trouble getting woman, like many AFC`s
    I just didn`t know how to procrastinate.

    Ever since I read about the stages of attraction and phases/model, I have had my confidence boosted, and been privileged enough, to sleep with my fair share of woman, as well as meet up with wings in the past.

    I recommend “Magic Bullets” by Nick Savoy, for all newbie’s to read, as it truly is the Holy Grail/ bible!. Really helped me out a few years back.

    A bit about me;

    I am a confident social person, I convey positive body language and always with a welcoming smile. I have been told I am a good listener, and love interacting with woman, especially when they play and twirl there hair, when I run some game on them lol. All in allm I am a mans man, love football, reading, basketball, films, extreme sports, beers, Gym, UFC, and of course woman, off all races, beauty, thick and curvy, slime and petite, short or tall, busty or slutty if I`ve had a few, lol 8s 9s 10s in particular.

    I usually daygame solo as daygame can be very rewarding once you get the ball rolling. I have my own set of routines, but always open to learn yours, or others you`ve tried and tested.

    It`s great to share ideas with one another, and be close with your wings, and to build friendships along the same, especially if your gaming together its good to use that as an Anchor, as its important for everyone to share the same positive vibes as a group.

    I can approach, quick to transition, spark attraction, build comfort and can bring a lot to the table.
    Charming, suave and womanizer are somewhat names I have been given a lot.
    Above all I am just a fun friendly, 22 year old, looking for a new circle of wings, as my current ones are not so active anymore.

    From my experience in the field, Every interaction is different, if it didn`t go as well as you planned, don`t take it to heart, or hard on yourself, change a few things around, it`s not you what made her uninterested, it was your approach.

    Always take some time to credit yourself, for doing what other AFCs could never dream or do.

    I have learnt to always smile on the approach and have ammo/conversation at hand.
    My mind state is to not put too much value on what you’re doing, in terms of approaching. People talk to strangers every day, people are so concerned with themselves, and warped in their own world/ reality to care or even notice you and single you out, in what you do in terms of game.

    Also a phone number, is merely an exchange of contact information, I`ve learnt, that, any tom d1ck or harry could get a phone number, but it’s the actual interaction, you want her to remember, to a point where you leave, she will want to ask for yours.

    I am mostly around on, Weekends, for Daygame, Friday (Nighgame) Possible Thursdays. Day/Nightgame

    Locations can vary from, Central London, Richmond, Kingston upon thames, Chiswick, westfields (Acton), Hounslow, Piccadilly circus, Convent garden, Knightsbridge, Highstreet Kensington etc.

    Drop me a message, if interested and its GAME ON.

    GABLE .

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    maxwell3860 is offline Aspiring PUA
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    Default Re: Experienced, London Wings needed.

    Hi I am also looking for a wing man who had a real passion for the night game.
    If your interested let me know and lets see if we can work as a team to get cool results

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