Hello fellas,

I'm really interested in trying to run some game with likeminded people. I love going out to clubs and socialising but when it comes to approaching a girl I like I crumble, get nervous and start chatting sh1t! I really wanna start applying some principles but my friends are just not into it, they want to get blindly drunk and fark anything that walks.

I'm basically 26 years old, many girls have told me im beautiful and some seem 2 get a bit intimidated around me but I am useless at converting this most of the time, I get embarrassed and tense.

Despite all this negative information I am actually a cool guy i think, got a nice selection of mates just struggle with asserting myself with the women. I just want some people I can learn from, have fun with, understand the principles and where im going wrong.

Im from south east london, and am looking to maybe go out a couple of nights a week!

Holla back!