Hello -

I'm recently undergoing a series of intensive self-improvement exercises, of which seduction is one component. I've quit a series of bad habits (use your imagination) lately and success in my business and socially has me feeling fucking amazing in the last 2 months.

Looking for a wingman to go hit the field with. I have attained a modest level of fresh, earned success in my sexual life, business life, and inner Mindset and am looking for someone to field with. All of my friends are in relationships or do not exist in the proper frame to wing.

I work and live in santa monica. As far as I'm concerned this is the mecca of beautiful women on the west coast - they are literally everywhere I look. I have an insider's knowledge of LA, decent businesstrip-level knowledge of new york, chicago, florida, and internationally, south america, asia, and a bit of europe from my travels, which helps with inducing familiarity.

About me: young software business owner, just under 30 years old, not fat not skinny, a shade under 6 feet tall, no social anxiety or any problems other than I do not get laid enough with hot enough women. Looking to improve and synergize with someone in town.

Shoot me a PM or answer in the thread and let's fucking do this.