I'm a rookie (and I mean rookie!) from Louisville. I read Neil Strauss' book a few months ago, and became interested in the PUA concept. I drifted away from the idea for a time after I told a buddy of mine about it and he weirded out, and didn't seem open to the idea of trying to learn anything about it.

But, the other night I was searching amazon for videos to watch and came across "The Pick-Up" artist, which was Mystery's VH1 show. I watched both seasons. Now taking the idea more seriously, it's clear to me that improving your game doesn't happen overnight. Looks like it takes time, work, discipline, etc. I think having a wing for encouragement is pretty important and would make the learning process much more bearable and even fun.

If you're looking for someone to teach, learn with, etc., drop me a line - even if you're a fellow rookie. I'm willing to reciprocate with encouragement, etc., as best I can.