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    Default Conquistador’s wigman signs and signals

    In theory is sounds very easy to just call one of your friends go out to practice your skills on girls. But going out to sarge with a wigman is a skill that can be compared to a sniper with his spotter. It requires team work, to both get girls; and don't feel bad; since hot girls always go in groups. They do that to protect each other. Thus, having a wigman is very important to be able to isolte your target! Those of you that have gone out to meet girls with a wigman, know that communication with your buddy is vital. Knowing the rule of the wigman is a good start, but in the need to let your wigman which girl is your target! For these reason I have developed a simple group of signs and signals that will allow the player communicate with his wigman or wigmen:

    Players target: is the girl he will be hugging, holding hands with!

    Player signals wingman he has no chance with targe and the wigman is welcome to work the girl: Player will touch (scratch) his chin!

    Player signals wigman that he has reach the hook point and he should join the set: Player will touch (scratch) his head (hair) or hat.

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    Default Re: Conquistador’s wigman signs and signals

    I've heard the roles called wingman and leadman in The Community. Mystery and Style signal their target by negging her specifically, for instance, "Here are my new friends. They're all pretty cool... except this one. I'm not sure about her." I've developed some pretty silly codes trying to get down the "in set communication." The key is that you are on the same page. I've found that some guys don't like having anyone else in set with them, while other guys won't go into set without knowing that a wing is following closely on their heels. :-)

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